‘G is for GODDESS’ (Foot & Shoe Fetish Pix & mp3) PRIMPING in the MIRROR after a day of SHOPPING!! Audio/Visual DUO


4 absolutely STUNNING BLONDE VANITY FETISH photos of Me PRIMPING in My mirrored doors checking out My new SHOES after a day of SHOPPING.. $$$$ OMG soooooo hot! I have THE most gorgeous legs and feet, a FOOT FETISH Dream! Listen as I describe My PERFECT size 7 feet and HYPNOTIZE you with My subliminal messages and binaural beats, OMG My perfect feet and petite figure MELT your bbrainn! FOOT SLAVES go nuts for My precious little toes! I am simply head to toe EXQUISITE.. see Me in My pretty pastel CHIFFON dress and Black Patent Leather Stiletto Heels <3 YOU pay for MY SHOPPING.. SLAVE!

This foot & shoe fetish audio/visual DUO contains: black patent leather, BPL, blonde fetish, blonde, brainwash, brainwashing, chiffon, chiffon dress, covert mind control, financial domination, foot fetish, goddess worship, glamour, glamour fetish, ultra femininity, hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, post-hypnotic triggers, high heels, high heel fetish, leg fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, luxury glamour blonde, mind control, petite Princess, photo, photos, platinum blonde, stilettos, primping, primping in the mirror, vanity fetish, shoe fetish, shopping, shopping fetish, shopping slaves, subliminal programming, money domme

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‘LA FEMME NARCISSE’ Gorgeous Vanity Fetish Film Clip

Previously in PRIVATE RELEASE, this is ‘LA FEMME NARCISSE’ My GORGEOUS Vanity Fetish Film Clip!

My devotees, minions, and mindless drone slaves just ADORE video footage of Me gazing at My GLORIOUS visage in My many GLAMOUROUS mirrors ~ yet another personal fetish of Mine which I have created for MYSELF and christened VANITY FETISH!

Description: Watch ME in all My PLATINUM BLONDE PERFECTION as I primp in the full length mirror of My art deco 1920s burled walnut armoire, getting ready for a date at one of My favourite fine restaurants!!

My 1950s style curve-hugging wiggle dress in Lipstick Red is SO HOT, I giggle and follow My curves with My hands, unable to take My eyes off Myself!! OMG I am SO in LOVE with ME! you can’t help but LOVE ME too, as I tease & torment you EFFORTLESSLY.

This Vanity Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, money domme, platinum blonde, vanity fetish

Price: $150.00

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Applying CHANEL “Marilyn” Lipstick on My Glamourous Marilyn Rendezvous (Vanity Fetish, Hypnotic Blonde Fetish) PHOTO!!


In the icon photo above is My absolutely GORGEOUS CHANEL “MARILYN” Lipstick and Nail Lacquer Set, isn’t it DIVINE??! CHANEL “MARILYN” is THE most exquisite shade of pinky-red with elegant shimmer!

I wore this lovely duo upon My arrival to My Marilyn Rendezvous.. and lucky little you can see Me applying this lipstick to My PRECIOUSLY POUTY CUPIDS BOW LIPS in Marilyn’s Vanity Mirror, while wearing the shimmering polish on My long perfectly almond-shaped nails by clicking ADD TO CART BELOW! ON YOUR KNEES, LIPSTICK FETISH & HYPNOTIC BLONDE FETISH MONEYSLAVE!!

On My Marilyn Rendezvous indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury! – Gaze upon My Platinum Blonde Beauty as I apply My CHANEL “Marilyn” Lipstick to PERFECTION at the very vanity which MARILYN sat and applied her lipstick!

OMG this luxurious CHANEL Lipstick named after Marilyn Monroe is THE most DIVINE shade of Blonde Bombshell RED!! OMG you LOVE to buy high-end expensive CHANEL Lipstick for ME!! This is a HUGE, High-Rez EXCLUSIVE PHOTO of ME, you do NOT want to miss! BUY NOW

This Vanity Fetish, Hypnotic Blonde Fetish PHOTO contains: Applying CHANEL Marilyn Lipstick, Marilyn Rendezvous, Marilyn Monroe, blonde fetish, CHANEL, financial domination, findom, glamour, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, Hollywood Blonde, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, luxury, luxury fetish, luxury glamour blonde, money domme, Platinum Blonde, Vanity Fetish, rinser, rinsing

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BLONDE AMBITION – Hypnotic Blonde Fetish VIDEO

OMG I am SO GORGEOUS.. My Egotism, Greed and BLONDE BEAUTY captivate you, leaving you weak, DROOLING & BEGGING to become willing THRALL to MY breathtaking BLONDE-ISM.

This is MY BLONDE AMBITION.. SUCCUMB to THE Blonde Bombshell of the 21st Century and experience the GLITTERINGLY ADDICTIVE RUSH of INDULGENCE in ME. I am your *ONLY* LUXURY. My exquisite BLONDE-NESS consumes your befuddled starstruck manbrainnn.. OMGOMGOMG you are DELIRIOUS to worship My BLONDE DIVINITY.


This hypnotic blonde fetish film contains: hypnosis, hypnodomme, blonde fetish, financial domination, money domme, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, Hollywood Blonde, Platinum Blonde Fetish, Vanity Fetish

Price: $125.00

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CHANEL BLONDE – Glamour and Vanity Fetish Film Clip

Diamond Diva Princess is the CHANEL Blonde, dripping in jewels and applying CHANEL No. 5!

Description: Inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic CHANEL N°5 photo shoot, I am Hollywood Starlet GLAM and totally Platinum Chanel Blonde GORGEOUS in this stunning video clip. Dripping in jewels, in a Silverscreen Hollywood styled ensemble, watch as I primp in My boudoir applying My favourite scent CHANEL No. 5. YOU of course pick up the tab on every drop of it, over 300 dollars an ounce! $$$$

Chanel Blonde

A Recent Review:

“OMG OMG Your Chanel no5 video is soo wickedly lhypnotic!! Robot completely lost count & lost track of time just let go & LOOPED ENDLESSLY!”

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, CHANEL, Chanel Blonde and Chanel No. 5. FD Hypno, femdom hypno and hypnodomme. financial domination, glamour and glamour fetish. hypnosis, hypnotic and money dome. Platinum blonde, vanity and vanity fetish.

Price: $150.00

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Dinner at Eight ~ at The RITZ CARLTON! PHOTOS GALORE

After attending an RSVP by invitation only, Red Carpet Annual Fashion Event, with a few other select privileged VIP guests, The Ritz Carlton personally presented Me with THE most exclusive invitation for an indulgent rendezvous to their concierge level, including a top shelf suite and full access to the exclusive PRIVATE CLUB at the Ritz Carlton.. ALL on the comp, of COURSE. The Ritz Carlton simply ADORES Me.

I primped in the marble bath, where I have several GORGEOUS photos of Me reflected MYRIAD times in the mirrors of the vanity hall, wearing My new RED MARILYN DRESS, designed after the dress which Marilyn Monroe wore on the cover of LIFE Magazine. I wore My RED MARILYN DRESS for Dinner at Eight. OMG I am SO BEYOND gorgeous. The marbled mirrored bathroom of My top of the line suite at The Ritz Carlton reflects My image myriad times. OH SO MANY OF ME in the glossy MIRRORS.. it’s HYPNOTICLY ALLURING.

These financial domination photos contain: Ritz Carlton, financial domination, blonde fetish, glamour fetish, money domme, Vanity Fetish, photos, photo

Price: $150.00

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EROTIQUE – An Ode to the beautiful composition of this magickal aphrodisiac perfume alchemy! (Personal mp3 AND PHOTOS)


I absolutely ADORE My faceted bottle of Erotique perfume like a lovely golden jewel, an alluring amulet of feminine magic, which is so decadently enticing and alluring to spray upon My decolletage, dainty wrists, as it envelopes me in a glamourous cloud!

The alchemy of My feminine arts is IRRESISTABLE. Click BUY NOW. This mp3 and My LOVE AFFAIR with PERFUME are VERY HYPNOTIC and ADDICTIVE. Experience My PASSION for My ultra feminine Beauty & Vanity Rituals!

This mp3 and photo DUO contains: Vanity Fetish, beauty rituals, vanity rituals, perfume, femininity, Erotique, FINDOM, financial domination, hypnotic

Price: $150.00

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GLAMOUR GIRL ~ Platinum Blonde PINUP – Vanity Fetish PINUP Audio/Visual DUO


A Pinup Mind Control GLAMOUR GIRL Audio/Visual DUO (Primping in the mirror & blowing a kiss!)

OMG you will simply ADORE these absolutely STUNNING photos of Me primping and looking pretty as a picture as I gaze into My precious PINK Royal Mirror, My Platinum Blonde Hair in ringlets, My porcelain skin and ruby red lips melting your bbrainnn. you sit mesmerized listening to a Luxuriously GORGEOUS & extremely POTENT extra-CONCENTRATED dose of My EXQUISITE voice.

My GLAMOUR GIRL PINUP MIND CONTROL mp3 effortlessly controls your feeble manbrain, while you stare at My Glamour Girl PINUP Photos totally hypnotized, drooling like a fool, as I blow a kiss into the mirror, My bare shoulders SO lovely, My pretty jeweled heart earrings dangling from My ears and scarlet polish on My sassy nails!! I am PLATINUM BLONDE PERFECTION, totally radiating 1950s BLONDE BOMBSHELL Hollywood MOVIE STAR appeal ala Marilyn Monroe & Jayne Mansfield!! OMG its a PINUP bbrainn EXPLOIT, far too powerful to resist.


Experience the photos which caused My DRUNKY MONKEY to exclaim: “OMG you ARE Marilyn FN Monroe!!” as he RAPTUROUSLY spent approximately 15 GRAND on ME within mere hours.

This vanity fetish pinup audio/visual duo contains: blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, glamour girl, mind control, money domme, pinup, pin-up, pinup girl, pin-up girl, pinup model, pin-up model, platinum blonde, platinum blonde pinup, vanity fetish

Price: $125.00

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In My CHANEL No. 5 scented Rose Petal Bubble Bath!


Here I am in My CHANEL No. 5 scented Rose Petal BUBBLE BATH in the very bath which Marilyn Monroe herself soaked in!! Oogle these STUNNING FOOT FETISH photos as you listen to My LUXURIOUSLY hypnotic mp3 message, LOVE-SICK DRONE!!

On My Marilyn Rendezvous indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury!

Here I am luxuriously soaking in My CHANEL no 5 scented bubble bath in the very bathtub which Marilyn Monroe herself luxuriously soaked in, hot pink velvety rose petals caressing My delicate little pink toes!!

OMG My alabaster porcelain skin, the beauty mark upon My left foot, and DIOR Marilyn red lacquer painted vibrant toe nails!! Look at GORGEOUS FOOT FETISH and BUBBLE BATH PHOTOS of ME and listen as I tell you ALL about My GLORIOUS CHANEL No. 5 BUBBLE BATH in My LUXURIOUSLY hypnotic mp3 message! OMG you are SO LUCKY, click BUY NOW on your KNEES!


This Glamorous Audio/Visual DUO contains: Financial domination, money domme, blonde fetish, Marilyn Rendezvous, Marilyn Monroe, Hotel Marilyn, foot fetish, Chanel No. 5, Chanel, rinsing, rinser, bath, bubble bath, luxury fetish, vanity fetish, DIOR

Price: $125.00

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Montage of ME applying lippy, from a special photo shoot I did for a cutting edge magazine!
My glossy lips are like SHINY JEWELS! Lipstick Application & Mirror shots! Plus I’m wearing lots of cool jewelry.. pearls and vintage bracelets, and some cool punk stuff too! meowww =^.^= +MORE

This photo montage VIDEO contains: photo, photos, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, pinup, pinup model, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypno video, hypnotic, lip gloss, lipstick, lipgloss lust, lipstick fetish, lip gloss fetish, vanity fetish

Price: $150.00

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Cater to MY Luxury, ATM! Tribute to My CHANEL addiction! OMG I am soooooooo obsessed with CHANEL No. 5! At OVER 300 DOLLARS an ounce, it is My SIGNATURE SCENT!

This TRIBUTE option contains: CHANEL, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, money domme, spoil, spoil Princess, TRIBUTE, Vanity Fetish

Price: $300.00

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Primping in Marilyn Monroe’s Mirror (Vanity Fetish, Hypnotic Blonde Fetish) PHOTO!!


On My Marilyn Rendezvous, I luxuriously reclined upon copious fluffy pillows which rested upon the art deco styled headboard of the very bed which Marilyn slept in. Dressed in satin HARLOW WHITE Lingerie, I elegantly lounged upon the Red Sofa that Marilyn herself sat upon, My pretty pink toes in fluffy WHITE MINK pom-pom slippers!

I primped in Marilyn’s Mirror, blowing a kiss captured in freeze frame, dreamily curling My Platinum Blonde Tresses & glamourously applying My makeup sitting at Marilyn’s Vanity! OMG beyond. I bet you are dying to see this most ICONIC of imagery. OMG it makes you DDIZZYY just THINKING about it. OVER & OVER in your bbrainn.. OBSESSED, CONSUMED!!

I AM THE Blonde Bombshell of the 21st century ~ My Hypnotic Blonde Beauty SLAYS you.

ONE GLANCE & the visual of ME RADIATING GODDESS ~ PURE WHITE DIAMOND LIGHT into your bbrainn will turn you into a BLUBBERING FOOL to MY WHIM!


Here I am on My Marilyn Rendezvous and have spent the day and night indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury! I just took a CHANEL No 5 scented bubble bath in the very bath tub that Marilyn Monroe herself took bubble baths in, Now I am lounging in the very bed she slept in, dressed in Harlow white! Bow down and gaze upon this photo of Me primping in Marilyn’s mirror on your KNEES, THRALL! My Hypnotic Blonde Beauty controls your bbrainn! BUY NOW, do NOT miss this rare treat!

This Vanity Fetish Hypnotic Blonde Fetish PHOTO contains: Blonde Fetish, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, Hollywood Blonde, luxury, luxury fetish, luxury glamour blonde, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Rendezvous, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, money domme, Platinum Blonde, Primping in Marilyn Monroe’s Mirror, Vanity Fetish

Price: $100.00

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