A surrealist AVANT-GARDE PLATINUM BLONDE Secret Society SUBLIMINAL BRAINWASH!! TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS and put your STEREO headphones ON. Get ready for ME to take over your bbrainn. Maximize My CULTE DE BLONDE VIDEO to FULL SCREEN and watch it in all its PLATINUM GLORY with NO distractions.

My gorgeous VISAGE, Platinum BLONDE Tresses, LONG NAILS, and alluring CHARISMA & CHARM capture and disarm you. you will become DISCIPLE to MY BLONDE-ISM, DRONE to MY CULTE DE BLONDE!



This mind control art hypno VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, brainwash, cinematic, surrealist, surrealism, financial domination, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnodomme, post-hypnotic triggers, secret society, subliminal messages, rinser, rinsing, mind control art, mind control art series, platinum blonde, Salvador Dali, surrealism, surrealist, money domme

Price: $200.00

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‘DIAMONDVISION’ – Mind Control ART Film (NLP, Subliminal Programming, & Hypnotic Test Patterns)


DIAMONDVISION is part of My series of MIND CONTROL ART which includes: Obsession, SO Sleepy, TAINTED LOVE, INITIATE BIONIC, CLOCKWORK, and Culte de Blonde.

This film clip utilizes TOP SECRET mind control programming techniques of television programming, including hypnotic test patterns, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and subliminal messages. Oh YES, the REVOLUTION *will* be televised ~ in lustrous oh so DREAMY DIAMONDVISION!!

you can’t take your eyes off of ME in luxurious DiamondVision as you are pulled deeply into dizzyingly DIAMOND DAYDREAMS. This film clip is BEYOND hypnotic, I will control your mind effortlessly via My glorious DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.

you will feel woozy & dizzy & oh so fluffy bbrainned as you watch My DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.. you WANT to KEEP watching OVER & OVER & OVER.. Get it NOW.

you have been warned, this video is EXTREMELY HYPNOTIC & will BRAINWASH you to the nth degree.

This Mind Control ART Film contains: blonde fetish, mind control, mind control art, top secret, mind control programming, mind control techniques, television, programming, hypnotic, test patterns, NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro linguistic programming, subliminal messages, DIAMONDVISION, broadcast signal, hypnodomme, money domme, FINDOM, financial domination, rinser, rinsing, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis, brainwash, brainwashing

Price: $200.00

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*Baby I’m a STAR!* Platinum Blonde Bombshell IN a BEJEWELED LITTLE BLACK DRESS (Hypnotic Blonde Fetish GLAMOUR VIDEO) EMBEDDED with a SUBLIMINAL $$$ TRIGGER!


OMG you are SO WEAK in the KNEES for MY PLATINUM BLONDE ULTRA FEMININITY. Here I am, THE Platinum Blonde Bombshell IN a BEJEWELED LITTLE BLACK DRESS with VELVET PINUP HEELS encrusted with CRYSTALS, wearing jewelry designed by famed jeweler MARTINE WESTER, My hair in a french braid in the front with a french twist in back! SO PRETTY OMG.

This VIDEO is EMBEDDED with a DANGEROUS SUBLIMINAL POST HYPNOTIC TRIGGER that make you *NEED* to BINGE SPENDY SPEND on ME like CRAZY whenever I trigger it! you WANT to install it in your bbrainn immediately. Click BUY NOW!

This Hypnotic Blonde Fetish VIDEO with embedded TRIGGER contains: blonde fetish, financial domination, findom, Baby I’m a STAR, hypnotic, hypnodomme, Post-Hypnotic, Post Hypnotic Trigger, Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Blonde, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, money domme, rinser, rinsing, glamour fetish, glamour, trigger, subliminal messages

Price: $125.00

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Gaze upon My PLATINUM BLONDE ELEGANCE & HOURGLASS CURVES as I am wearing My RED GLITTER DRESS in the SPARKLING SUNSHINE in this elegant setting on My Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous!

VIA this VIDEO I will install My new & VERY DANGEROUS *RED GLITTER TRIGGER* into your MIND!! you will be COMPELLED; HYPNOTIZED, BLANK & EMPTY to obey the POST-HYPNOTIC TRIGGER COMMAND contained within this VIDEO whenever I say the words *RED GLITTER*!!


This VIDEO contains backwards masking, binaural beats, subliminal & superliminal messages, hypnotic spirals, layering, sparkle induction, confusion induction.. it is SO dangerous and yet seems SO innocuous. WHAT am I say backwards in the many HYPNOTIC layers which I am programming your mind with and you don’t even know what I’m saying?? LMAO FOOL, obviously I can do WHATEVER I WANT to your bbrainn!


This Hypnotic Blonde Fetish VIDEO TRIGGER contains: blonde fetish, financial domination, findom, Red Glitter Trigger, hypnotic, hypnodomme, Post-Hypnotic, Post Hypnotic Trigger, Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous, Hollywood Blonde, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, money domme, rinser, rinsing, glamour fetish, glamour, sparkle trigger, subliminal messages

Price: $125.00

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*Tripping the Light Fantastic* HYPNO Video (Sleepwalker Alpha Waves REM stage 1 & 2)

This is the VIDEO you have been waiting for in MAGNIFICENT ANTICIPATION. My mirrored golden wings flutter in your mind as My alluring HYPNOTIC movements DANCING SLOWLY & SEDUCTIVELY get under your skin, in your veins, and FLOOD your BBRAINN!! My BARE SHOULDERS, MILKY WHITE SKIN, GLEAMING PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR OMG DANCING in your MIND, TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, MY DIAMOND LIGHT SPARKLING!

In this VIDEO you will enter REM stage 1 & 2 – SLEEPWALKER alpha waves accompanied by extremely vivid sensations of hypnagogic hallucinations~ this sets the groundwork in your mind for My next HYPNO mp3 which will be titled ‘SLEEPWALKER’! In SLEEPWALKER you will enter REM final stage 3 & 4, prepared with THIS VIDEO through stage 1&2.


This HYPNO VIDEO contains: sleepwalker alpha waves, REM stage 1 & 2, Tripping the Light Fantastic, hypno, hypnosis, hypnodomme, hypnagogic, sleepy hypno, sleepwalker, money domme, blonde fetish, blonde worship, Goddess Worship, financial domination, fandom, mind control, subliminals, subliminal messages

Price: $150.00

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AUTOMATON!! INTENSE Mind Infiltration!


AUTOMATON! Brand New HYPNO Mind Control! My highly anticipated newest release! 10 HEAD-SPINNING MINUTES of INTENSE MIND INFILTRATION! Turning you into My complete & utter AUTOMATON.. MY ca$h robot. you won’t make it out unscathed!!

Yeah. TEN full minutes of MY incredible voice.. seriously you are SO fucked. There’s no way out once in MY clutches. I have the supernatural ability to just completely insert Myself into your mind, effortlessly. When I say you won’t make it out unscathed, I’m being literal, and that’s pretty much an understatement to the nth degree.

So far the reports I’m hearing from those that have indulged in listening to My latest MIND-BENDING MASTERPIECE is that about halfway into it you are suddenly filled with fear that it will at some point end.. you just want to keep listening to it FOREVERRR. When it finally draws to a close, you are left bewildered and confused about ANYTHING else, and all you want to do is LISTEN AGAIN. So you do..

Then.. it’s so much FUN (surfing My brainwashing tsunami) that you find yourself desiring to listen to it several times a day. When you aren’t listening to it, it keeps flooding your mind, and everything else you’re doing doesn’t seem near as much fun, as the thought of dropping EVERYTHING to go lie down with headphones on, and listen to it AGAIN. But don’t take MY word for it, try it yourself.

This hypno mp3 contains: robot, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypno mp3, mind control, subliminal messages, subliminal programming, money domme, financial domination

Price: $150.00

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Hypnodomme - COMATOSE Mind Control


COMATOSE. Everything you have been taught thus far in your life has all been a LIE. I am here to deprogram you from the lies of the patriarchal society. This de-programization mp3 will make your mind like a blank slate for My further brainwashing experiments.

Click play for a teensy audio teaser!

Read what slaves are saying about COMATOSE:

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme ”Helpless and Caught.. Princess’s voice will slowly drip into your brain, making you sleepier with each drop until you are open and helpless. Her multi-layered whispers will echo in your head, pulling you deeper into her trap with each repetition.

You will be left sleepy and entangled in her pretty web.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “Comatose makes me realize Princess is the one and only truth. Her soft, sweet voice drives me to obsession. I am completely worthless and very lucky to serve her.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money DommeCOMATOSE will leave you weary, open, and too SLEEPY to resist the irresistible DE-PROGRAMMING Princess will subject you to. She will slowly empty your brain of your free will and pour in her instructions to take its place. Be careful what you wish for before listening. It will start as a thrill and end up becoming an intoxicating obsession.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “i think it doesn’t matter which one of HER seemingly endless works one listen, they are absolutely effective! For  someone unaware they are “dangerous”, for me they are all pure heaven!  In “Comatose” for example SHE tells you what is wrong with our society and what they have taught you. After listening  to it you know that SHE is absolutely right with everything SHE tells you! For me it was the next step to total  submission to HER will and i really love every second of  it! Absolutely great!!!”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “I’ve been totally enchanted by Diamond Diva Princess through this recording, and instantly enlightened. I already can see She will be able to help me become what I need to be. Her harmonious voice and infectious personality mean She’ll certainly captivate anyone who is in Her tutelage. She’s already shown me the way, thank You Princess”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “A gorgeous blend of melody and soft, disarming vocals, the beautiful tones of her voice.  PRINCE$$’s words work both to confuse and clarify the true meaning of your life.  Your mind having no foundation to any longer cling to, slips into the abyss of alluring, smothering words falling deeper and deeper into emptiness.  However, not for long.  As the void that is created is quickly flooded with her words, her mantra.  She is the one truth in the lie that has been your life until now.”

you can’t resist MY voice.. you NEED My words. I am here to DEPROGRAM YOU.. AWAKEN!

This hypno mp3 contains: deprogramization, de-programization, comatose, deprogramming, reprogramming, fd hypno, femdom hypno, hypno mp3, hypnosis, hypnodomme, hypnotic, mind control, MK Ultra, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, financial domination, money domme

Price: $150.00

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OMG!! I am SO haughty and GORGEOUS and GLAM in this FLUFFY DECADENT BLUE FOX FUR, My designer zebra dress in silver & black, and My 5 INCH stiletto platform heels.. OMG My snobby haughty FINDOM HYPNO demands are TOO POWERFUL and IRRESISTABLY DOMINANT to resist.

I KNOW the POWER I have over you…… click BUY NOW and brainwash your mind by staring at MY GLAMOUR BLONDE PHOTOS! READING and re-reading MY HYPNOTIC CAPTIONED MESSAGES to you! OMG your EMPTY PLASTIC HEAD LOVES IT~

This Hypnotic Captioned PHOTO Set contains: blonde fetish, fur fetish, FINDOM, financial domination, money domme, classy, fox fur, blue fox fur, high heel fetish, high heels, stilettos, platform heels, snobby, snob fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, Platinum Blonde, Hollywood Blonde, Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous, rinser, rinsing, captions, captioned photos, findom hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, mind control, subliminal messages

Price: $100.00

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This is a VIDEO EXCLUSIVE available ONLY on MoneyDomineiress.com! HYPNOTIC. This BRAINWASH loop while turn you into My AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE .. My PROGRAMMED ROBOT!! $$$$$$$$ I can make YOU do WHATEVER *I* WANT!!

Extra dangerous SUBLIMINALS and My Femme Fatale HYPNOTIC VISUALS will turn your mind to MUSHY MUSH. you will come to understand the INTENSITY & depth of the statement “I can make you do *WHATEVER* I want.” It is LITERAL and TOTAL.

*Warning: Do not indulge in this mp3 if you have a weak heart, or are prone to seizures. It is recommended that you do not operate heavy machinery after listening. Care is recommended while listening to this hypnotic loop, as over-indulgence can result in severe side-effects. you have been warned that this mp3 is dangerous, so you listen at your own risk. This mp3 is likely to cause feelings of complete and utter helplessness, a sense of irresponsibility whenever around Me, and a shocking sense of total addiction.

This HYPNO Audio/Visual Clip contains: brainwash, brainwashing, money domme, FINDOM, hypno, hypnodomme, fdhypno, femdom hypno, hypnosis, financial domination, mind control, I can make you do WHATEVER I WANT, subliminal messages, tease, torment, Femme Fatale

Price: $150.00

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My BRILLIANT hypnotic mind control film OBSESSION!! It’s Dadaist Experimentation WITH YOUR BRAIN!! Surrealist Hypnotic Visuals.. 5 minutes of DEEP MIND CONTROL.

Hypnotic Mind Control

Be prepared to have a complete OVERHAUL of your mindscape!! you’ll want to put it on loop and watch it OVER & OVER & OVER!! Become completely OBSESSED with MY image.. MY voice.. MY influence over your mind… OBSESSION.

It’s all about being MY psychological experiment & opening yourself to MY control over you!! you KNOW you NEED it.

This MIND CONTROL HYPNO ART VIDEO contains: art, blonde fetish, Dadaist, Dadaism, fauvism, Jean Cocteau, Mind Control Art, Mind Control Art Series, OBSESSION, Platinum Blonde, post-hypnotic triggers, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, Salvador Dali, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, financial domination, money domme, surreal, surrealist

Price: $200.00

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Insidious MIND KONTROL mp3: A wicked exercise in subliminal & superliminal programming culminating in your complete and utter UN-INTELLECTUALIZATION. Yes, that’s right, OPERATION AIRHEAD is a covert operation deviously designed to turn you into a total AIRHEAD bubble brain, utterly senseless over ME, and ready to fulfill My EVERY command without the encumberment of that tedious mental reasoning! It is My full intention to deflate your brain, and fill it full of fluffy soft buoyant AIR. Like OMG you KNOW you want to be MY silly little mindless fool!

you will be in a completely MORONIC ditzy state every time I push your trigger chump button. As you listen over & over you’ll feel your head get lighter & lighter. It’s SO super easy for Me to exploit your new & improved brain! And the more you listen, the more feebleminded you’ll get for Me! I will surreptitiously pull your puppet strings, and turn you into a dimwitted dumdum.. all for MY ADVANTAGE!

This HYPNO mp3 contains: airhead, bubble brain, covert mind control, financial domination, hypno, hypnodomme, hypno mp3, hypnosis, hypnotic, post-hypnotic triggers, money domme, subliminal messages, subliminal programming, superliminal programming, un-intellectualization, unintellectualization

Price: $150.00

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SILVER SENSATION ~ Blonde Venus de Milo – Hypnotic Findom CAPTIONED PHOTOS

OMG MY new FINDOM CAPTIONED HYPNOTIC SUBLIMINAL MESSAGE PHOTOS control YOUR EMPTY PLASTIC HEAD TOTALLY!! I am THE Findom Blonde VENUS DE MILO draped in Silver Lamé! OMG Triggered ESTROGENICALLY to OBEY The Ultimate Femme Fatale Princess! OBEY & PAY! It is SO GOOD for your bbrainn to read & re-read My subliminally HYPNOTIC Captions OVER & OVER..

This Hypnotic Captioned PHOTO Set contains: blonde fetish, FINDOM, Silver Sensation, Blonde Venus de Milo, Goddess Worship, Blonde Worship, financial domination, money domme, classy, high heel fetish, high heels, stilettos, platform heels, snobby, snob fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, Platinum Blonde, Hollywood Blonde, rinser, rinsing, captions, captioned photos, findom hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, mind control, subliminal messages

Price: $125.00

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This hypnotic loop is designed to BRAINWASH you to become My submissive ROBOT. Listen carefully to the sound of My voice, and lose yourself looking into MY eyes.. there is NO need to resist..

This SUBLIMINAL conditioning VIDEO contains: Blonde-ism, Blondeism, blonde fetish, brainwash, brainwashing, covert mind control, financial domination, FINDOM, hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnotic triggers, mind control, money domme, Platinum Blonde, subliminal, subliminal messages, subliminal programming, SUBMIT


Price: $150.00

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Unrequited LOVE Junkie Hypnodomme mp3

My hypnodomme mp3 MIND CONTROL and hypnosis masterpiece. A blatant exploitation of mass media and mind control practices. Incorporating BACKMASKING for the very first time! Contained within this mp3 are subliminal messages and post hypnotic suggestions.

right Unrequited LOVE Junkie (Hypno MIND CONTROL with BACKMASKING debut) Luring you deeper and deeper into My man-trap My viciously cute voice will hypnotize you. you will find that NOTHING that came before has prepared you for this. I will perform EXQUISITE and dangerous psychotronic surgery upon your bbrainnn. OMG rock stars have NOTHING on this. star Unrequited LOVE Junkie (Hypno MIND CONTROL with BACKMASKING debut)

My CUSTOM sound frequencies and binaural beats have been crafted specifically FOR this. I wield these brainwash experiments upon your unwitting and receptive manbrain. My PINK NOISE machine opens the doors of your mind. This will prepare you for My barrage of post hypnotic suggestions. Deeply layered within the SUPERLIMINAL message of UNREQUITED LOVE are manysubliminals. BE CAREFUL.

Price: $150.00

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