Beautiful Fiend ~ Glitterati Glamour, Fur, and Literary Fetish!

Glitterati GLAMOUR & FUR FETISH!! The SPARKLING intelligentsia.

Description: In this clip I recite one of My GORGEOUS lyrical poems, titled BEAUTIFUL FIEND, dressed in My ULTRA LUXE COACH designer calfskin jacket with LUSH COYOTE FUR Collar & Cuffs! OMG. you will be left utterly speechless as you watch spellbound while I philosophize beautifully attired in a long velvet gown, fur coat, and BCBG Stiletto Heels! TOTALLY dramatic.

A very personal glimpse into My extraordinary gift of literary expression.. a delicious opportunity to experience My RARE GENIUS. you would be a fool to pass up the chance to view this CANDID & DRAMATIC WORK OF ART. This is a definite DO NOT MISS!! Get it now WHILE YOU CAN.

This fur fetish glitterati VIDEO contains: art, beautiful fiend, blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, poetry, fur, fur fetish, fur fashion, fur glamour, glitterati, literary, literati, literature, platinum blonde, poetess, poet, venus in furs series

Price: $150.00

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Hypnocentric Flick Hypnotic Collage Video

A HYPNOTIC COLLAGE VIDEO filled with mesmerizingly GORGEOUS images of Me, including EXCLUSIVE photos of Me wearing a short skirt and LEOPARD platform stilettos, My perfect long legs leaving you WEAK and helpless. OMG My legs are SO FAMOUSLY GORGEOUS.

Platinum ringlets and lacy ankle sox – My dimples and beautiful wide eyes with long thick smokey lashes lulling you into a false sense of security.

My shiny satin leopard pants, and platform leopard stilettos, wearing a leather bra, and white shiny satin blouse WARP your bbrainn.. OMG My porcelain skin is SO flawless and smooth, it makes your mind like MUSH!

I arrogantly wear My BROADTAIL FUR coat (made of little baby black lambs), My creamy NORWEGIAN FOX FUR and curve clinging shiny black latex pants, and MORE!

A Recent Review:

“Princess kindly allowed me to pay $ 250,- for Her Hypnocentric Flick Hypnotic Collage Video. She said it would me weaken me and She was right. Every picture is a gem. Thank You Princess.” – SLAVE DRONE BURT

This hypnotic collage VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, boot fetish, brainwash, brainwashing, financial domination, fishnet, foot fetish, fur, fur fetish, glamour, glamour fetish, heels, hypnocentric, hypnodomme, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, mind control, money domme, photo, photos, pinup model, pinup, platinum blonde, racial domination, shoe fetish

Price: $250.00

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LUXURY FUR FETISH!! PHOTOS wearing My Glamourous FUR Boudoir Shoes!


Photos of Me wearing My GORGEOUS FUR Boudoir Shoes on My pretty little dainty size 7 feet!! My exquisite FUR boudoir shoes in My FUR collection, are so very JEAN HARLOW-esque! I LOVE wearing furs in such unexpected places as ON MY FEET. To walk on FUR is such an exquisite decadence! And of course, I have THE most darling little precious petite feet EVER.. porcelain ivory skin, delicate high arches and dainty heels.. DROOL SLAVE!

These FUR FETISH PHOTOS contain: fur, fur fetish, white fur, real fur, genuine fur, luxury, luxury fetish, glamour, glamour fetish, foot fetish, shoe fetish, leg fetish, high heel fetish, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, rinsing guys, rinsing men, findom


Price: $125.00

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LUXURY GLAMOUR BLONDE ~ Dom Perignon Rose Indulgence (In Blue Fox FUR & Long Opera Gloves) – Blonde Fetish VIDEO



OMG I am SO LUXURIOUSLY Glamourous!! LISTEN STAR-STRUCK as I SPEAK DIRECTLY to you, wearing My PLUSH BLUE FOX FUR and LONG EVENING GLOVES, dripping in jewels, My PLATINUM BLONDE tresses crowning My DIVINITY in a luminescent GLOW like a shimmering HALO.

I indulge your senses in a detailed description of the luxuries I am indulging in.. My Literary pleasures, Dom Perignon ROSE Champagne & 24kt Edible Gold.. OMG you LOVE when I laugh and giggle, delighted in MY LUXURIOUS EXTRAVAGANCE.

I blow a kiss, gazing with narcissistic pleasure at My mirrored image in My GILDED MIRROR bejeweled with gems & pearls, shaped like a heart ~ and OMG I am far too PRECIOUS to resist.. an ANGELIC BLONDE NARCISSE. Buy NOW.

A Recent Review:

“What exquisite words, images and demands. There is no comparison to the Luxury Platinum Blonde!” – CA$H MULE

This blonde fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, blondeism, blue fox fur, Dom Perignon, Dom Perignon Rose Indulgence, fur, gloves, Hollywood blonde, long opera gloves, opera gloves, luxury, luxury fetish, luxury glamour blonde, platinum blonde, financial domination, money domme

Price: $150.00

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My ultra plush PASTEL MINK FUR Long Lush COAT! PHOTOS


OMG, get a glimpse of My decadent PASTEL MINK FUR Long Lush COAT before ANYONE else!! SO luxuriously GORGEOUS. My new GENUINE High-End MINK is the most beautiful of pastel blonde colours, with a large plushy collar! A MINK coat this long costs $$$ THOUSANDS $$$.. DAYDREAM SLAVE!

Of course I NEVER PAY for My extravagant indulgences, YOU DO!! Imagine how many teensy little minks it took to make this GORGEOUS COAT for ME, it goes all the way down to My MID-CALF! SO SILVERSCREEN MOVIE STAR GLAMOUROUS.. it’s DIVINE. YOU PAY for MY FUR FETISH!

This fur fetish photo montage contains: financial domination, fur, fur fashion, fur fetish, fur fetish Princess, genuine fur, mink, money domme, pastel mink fur, real fur, tribute, spoil

Price: $100.00

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OMG I have THE most exquisite collection of LUSH PLUSH FURS, including FOX, LEOPARD, MINK, COYOTE, SEAL, and MORE! Add to My FUR FETISH Collection NOW, SLAVE! $$$

This TRIBUTE option contains: financial domination, fur, fur fashion, fur fetish, fur glamour, fur fetish Princess, genuine fur, mink, money domme, real fur, TRIBUTE

Price: $250.00

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PHOTOS of MY beautiful rare WHITE (Albino) PLUSHY CHINCHILLA FUR (THE softest FUR you can buy!)


Photos of My beautiful rare WHITE (Albino) super PLUSHY CHINCHILLA Scarf (A recent addition to My FUR FETISH Collection!). Chinchilla is THE softest fur in the world!

Chinchilla fact: “Just as with gold, it’s not uncommon for people to experience ‘chinchilla fever’ when first handling this fur, becoming mesmerized by its silken feel. No other fur inspires such wonderment and it is this rare quality which has made chinchilla the world’s most coveted fur..”

Drool over these GORGEOUS photos of My absolutely GORGEOUS new WHITE CHINCHILLA FUR SCARF.. it’s absolutely SO LUSH PLUSH FLUFFY that it is LITERALLY the SOFTEST fur on EARTH.

As a colour, the WHITE (Albino) CHINCHILLA FUR is very rare and STUNNINGLY exquisite. The snowy whiteness of it complements to PERFECTION My porcelain complexion and PLATINUM BLONDE tresses!

OMG you LOVE to SPOIL ME with LUXURIOUS FURS!! I deserve to be wrapped in the FINEST of FURS available on EARTH, like WHITE CHINCHILLA!!

These FUR FETISH PHOTOS contain: fur, fur fetish, real fur, genuine fur, rinsing, rinser, rinsing men, rinsing guys, financial domination, money domme, findom, CHINCHILLA, White Chinchilla, Albino Chinchilla, Chinchilla Fur, Luxury, Luxury Fetish


Price: $125.00

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This totally GLAMOUROUS *ENTRANCING* video of Me in Classic Hollywood Cinema style ala Marilyn Monroe is SO STUNNING! OMG. I am DRIPPING IN JEWELS, wearing a jeweled lace dress, so luxe!

The shimmer & shine from the sparkle of My jewels, glossy lips, and Platinum Blonde hair will entrance you as you sit SPELLBOUND & mesmerized by My every movement, My subliminal messages will invade your brain and effortlessly condition you to be My hard-working $$ SLAVE MACHINE $$ who craves to be LOCKED into My SPARKLY JEWELED HANDCUFFS!

As you hear Me speak My video message to you, you will listen carefully to My every word, and what I am telling you. you will forget about EVERYTHING ELSE, craving ONLY to become slave to MY GLAMOUR. OMG you want to work your fingers to the bone to INDULGE in ME!! I am your ONLY Luxury! Become slave to MY GLAMOUR.. GLAMOUR FETISH, SPARKLY SHINE FETISH, ENTRANCEMENT FETISH

This financial domination glamour VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, blondeism, covert mind control, entrancement, fur, fur fetish, glamour, glamour fetish, Hollywood blonde, jewelry fetish, jewels, lipstick, lipstick fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, luxury glamour blonde, platinum blonde, subliminal programming, financial domination, money domme, Slave to MY Glamour

Price: $150.00

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Stepping on MINK BLACK PATENT LEATHER Stiletto Heels!

SteppingonMinkstill2 STEPPING ON MINK!! Get it now, FILM ADDICTS!

Not only do I LOVE fur, ridiculously such a SCANDAL to politically correct fascists, I even WALK ALL OVER IT. you LOVE My SNOBBY attitude, and you wish I would walk ALL OVER you!

Stepping on MINK, wearing RED fishnet and black patent leather stilettos!! Look at Me step on MY Gorgeous MINK cape, and other things too! A totally DECADENT Video Montage! FUR fetish, High Heel fetish, Black Patent Leather fetish, SNOBBERY fetish!

This totally DECADENT Video Montage has a sort of Burlesque vibe to it, with lots of BOLD VIVID COLOUR & STYLE!

This fur fetish VIDEO contains: black patent leather, BPL, burlesque, fishnet, foot fetish, fur, fur fetish, high heel fetish, mink, shoe fetish, snob, snob fetish, stilettos, financial domination, money domme

Price: $125.00

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Per multiple requests! This VIDEO CLIP features ME talking about and showing off MY RARE Vintage LEOPARD SKIN Hat – REAL Leopard Skin Fur! OMG I am SO adorable in this film clip.. a platinum blonde doll in EXOTIC luxury furs!!

Exclusivity is one of many reasons why one of My favourite furs is LEOPARD SKIN, because leopards are also illegal to hunt and kill anymore, and you can only buy vintage leopard fur, which is extremely hard to find as you can well imagine, since it is not currently marketed, most people that have it, hold onto it. I LOVE furs that are difficult to acquire and not common. I HATE anything common, that just ANYONE can get ahold of. BLEH! THE Princess deserves THE UNATTAINABLE by the mass populace.

So when I stumbled upon this vintage LEOPARD SKIN PILLBOX HAT, never worn, at an estate sale, you can imagine I just HAD to have it. I love the chic JACKIE O style, and it reminds Me of the song written about Warhol SUPERSTAR Edie Sedgwick:


There’s really nothing else on earth like the feeling of it. Imagine petting a very big CAT, that is EXACTLY what it feels like!

This fur fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, fur, fur fetish, fur glamour, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, goddess worship, Hollywood blonde, leopard skin hat, luxury, leopard fur, luxury glamour blonde, platinum blonde, snob, snob fetish, venus in furs, venus in furs series, WASP, WASP REICH, money domme, exotic fur, genuine fur, real fur, rinser, rinsing

Price: $150.00

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WAY MORE than you deserve!! – Audio Visual DUO (PHOTO & MP3!!) EXCLUSIVE!

Capitalistic Blonde Snob Podcast is WAY MORE than you deserve!

This is an Audio Visual Capitalistic Blonde Snob Podcast EXCLUSIVE available ONLY on! The latest addition to My SNOB PODCASTS!! OMG this is SO DECADENT and features not one but THREE photographs of Me. One of these GORGEOUS photos shows Me out and about wearing My new luxury MINK spending what was once YOUR money! Play the enclosed mp3 and listen to Me talk about the ways in which I spend your money $$ now MINE. Gaze spellbound at My photos of PERFECTION.. OMG it is FAR MORE than a MERE MORTAL like you deserves. On your knees THRALL!

This Snob Podcast Audio Visual DUO contains: financial domination, Fur Fetish and Glamour Fetish. Luxury Fetish, Fur, Real Fur and luxury mink. Fur glamour fetish, FINDOM and Money Domme. Blonde Fetish, Shopping Fetish and shopping slaves.

Price: $125.00

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YOUNG IRONY – Reading F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literary and Fur Fetish Findom Glitterati Video.

You need to see this Fur Fetish Findom video. I recite a poem written by one of My favourite writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Luxuriously dressed in My ULTRA LUXE COACH designer calfskin jacket, you will love the  LUSH COYOTE FUR Collar and Cuffs! OMG. Left utterly speechless, you watch spellbound. I philosophize beautifully attired in a long velvet gown, fur coat and Stiletto Heels! TOTALLY stunning. I am THE sparkling GLITTERATI!

This fur fetish glitterati VIDEO contains: art, Young Irony and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald. blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination and FINDOM. fur, fur fetish, fur fashion and fur glamour.

Price: $150.00

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