‘DIAMONDVISION’ – Mind Control ART Film (NLP, Subliminal Programming, & Hypnotic Test Patterns)


DIAMONDVISION is part of My series of MIND CONTROL ART which includes: Obsession, SO Sleepy, TAINTED LOVE, INITIATE BIONIC, CLOCKWORK, and Culte de Blonde.

This film clip utilizes TOP SECRET mind control programming techniques of television programming, including hypnotic test patterns, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and subliminal messages. Oh YES, the REVOLUTION *will* be televised ~ in lustrous oh so DREAMY DIAMONDVISION!!

you can’t take your eyes off of ME in luxurious DiamondVision as you are pulled deeply into dizzyingly DIAMOND DAYDREAMS. This film clip is BEYOND hypnotic, I will control your mind effortlessly via My glorious DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.

you will feel woozy & dizzy & oh so fluffy bbrainned as you watch My DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.. you WANT to KEEP watching OVER & OVER & OVER.. Get it NOW.

you have been warned, this video is EXTREMELY HYPNOTIC & will BRAINWASH you to the nth degree.

This Mind Control ART Film contains: blonde fetish, mind control, mind control art, top secret, mind control programming, mind control techniques, television, programming, hypnotic, test patterns, NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro linguistic programming, subliminal messages, DIAMONDVISION, broadcast signal, hypnodomme, money domme, FINDOM, financial domination, rinser, rinsing, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis, brainwash, brainwashing

Price: $200.00

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NO CLUES HERE, this TRIGGER is going to unscrupulously take you COMPLETELY by surprise.


LISTEN NOW at your OWN RISK! OMG you will be weak & pliable, at MY WHIM! $$$

This HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, BEG ME to TAKE it ALL, hypno trigger, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, wicked hypnotist, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno

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A POTENT DOSE of My Viciously Cute Voice.. OMG you are SO LUCKY to hear it. A POTENT CONCENTRATED DOSE of My Viciously Cute Voice overwhelming your weak & helpless manbbrainn.. OMG you canNOT resist My demands. This hypnotically GREEDY mp3 effortlessly invades your MIND as I make you TOTALLY addicted to MY VOICE which lulls you into a false sense of security. It is FAR too late for you once you realize how far IN OVER YOUR HEAD you are.. click BUY NOW & LISTEN NOW.

This POTENT HYPNO DOSE mp3 contains: hypno, hypnodomme, femdom hypno, fd hypno, FINDOM, Money Domme, financial domination, greedy, brainwash, brainwashing, mind control, CLICK & PAY, rinser, rinsing

Price: $100.00

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A Post-Hypnotic TRIGGER installation, this POTENT DOSE will INFILTRATE your mind, addicting you to the *CLICKITY CLICK* of My STILETTO HEELS as you *CLICKITY CLICK* My PAY BUTTONS!! OMG you grovel at MY FEET from MY POV, eyes gazing upon My porcelain skin, long long legs, pretty toe cleavage, listening to the INTENSELY HYPNOTIC *CLICKITY CLICK* of MY STILETTO HEELS, which will leave you WEAK and HELPLESS to MY DEMANDS!! Install My CLICKITY CLICK TRIGGER NOW!!

This post-hypnotic trigger VIDEO contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, clickity click, hypno trigger, ASMR, stiletto heels, stilettos, long legs, high heels, high heel fetish, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno

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*DROOLING DINGALING DINGBAT* ~ Drooling mindless Idiot Trigger MIND CONTROL HYPNO mp3!!

Have you ever thought to yourself: “I would like to listen to Diamond Diva Princess’s voice, drone out & drool all over myself in an idiotic trance looking totally pathetic.”? NOW is your chance!

OMG My new TRIGGER Hypno MP3 puts you into a TOTAL DROOLING DINGALING DINGBAT trance, mindless blank & empty, you sit, eyes glassy, empty plastic head so empty, head nodding, drooling and compliant, OBEDIENT, unable to resist, SO DEEP SO DEEP SO DEEP under MY CONTROL! In A TOTAL IDIOTIC TRANCE for ME! LISTEN NOW!

OMG soooooooo *MELTY MELTY* for ME!! LMAOOOOO LOVE it.

This HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 contains: hypno, hypnodomme, drooling dingaling dingbat, trance, mindless, financial domination, mind control, femdom hypno, FD hypno

Price: $100.00

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*I AM THE DRUG* Mind Control ART Film



Description: Just created! you’ve been waiting for this ever since *CLOCKWORK*! My latest MIND CONTROL ART Film is inspired by the art of Andy Warhol & Salvador Dali.

Like a SHOT in the VEIN, I am THE Drug, the ULTIMATE SUPERSTAR making you CRAVE MY CONTROL with My stunning blonde beauty, hypnotic visual cues and My subliminal and superliminal words. I know JUST how to make your mind *POP* with MY VOICE and MY IMAGE. I make your body weak, your eyes glassy, your mind *BLANK & EMPTY* fluffy & fuzzy.

I AM the ultimate high, shooting off fireworks in your bbrainn in virtual violet technicolor, you are sedated by the micro movements of My EXQUISITE facial expressions, shot in CLOSE-UP cinema verite.

OMG I AM THE DRUG and YOU ARE MY ADDICT. you can’t get enough.

Click BUY NOW and watch now for ONE HOUR. GET your SHOT in the VEIN.. get your ADDICTION and get it GOOD, BOY!

This Mind Control Art VIDEO contains: mind control, ART, brainwash, brainwashing, I AM THE DRUG, hypnodomme, hypno, subliminal, Warhol, Superstar, Edie Sedgwick, Salvadore Dali, blonde fetish, icon, FINDOM, financial domination, Money Domme, rinser, rinsing, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis

Price: $150.00

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Here I am on My MARILYN RENDEZVOUS wearing THE most gorgeous SPARKLY designer STILETTO HEELS, hypnotizing you with My pretty size 7 feet, long long legs, alabaster skin & sparkly high heels!!


Loaded with ASMR BBRAINN TINGLIES, post-hypnotic-trigger subliminals, dangerously hypnotic fetishistic superliminals, binaural beats, and layer upon layer of COVERT MIND CONTROL techniques.. you WON’T know what HIT you.. BUY NOW and experience the FORCE of NATURE that is ME!!

This post-hypnotic trigger VIDEO contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, WALLET BRAIN WARP, hypno trigger, ASMR, stiletto heels, stilettos, long legs, high heels, high heel fetish, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Rendezvous

Price: $150.00

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AUTOMATON!! INTENSE Mind Infiltration!


AUTOMATON! Brand New HYPNO Mind Control! My highly anticipated newest release! 10 HEAD-SPINNING MINUTES of INTENSE MIND INFILTRATION! Turning you into My complete & utter AUTOMATON.. MY ca$h robot. you won’t make it out unscathed!!

Yeah. TEN full minutes of MY incredible voice.. seriously you are SO fucked. There’s no way out once in MY clutches. I have the supernatural ability to just completely insert Myself into your mind, effortlessly. When I say you won’t make it out unscathed, I’m being literal, and that’s pretty much an understatement to the nth degree.

So far the reports I’m hearing from those that have indulged in listening to My latest MIND-BENDING MASTERPIECE is that about halfway into it you are suddenly filled with fear that it will at some point end.. you just want to keep listening to it FOREVERRR. When it finally draws to a close, you are left bewildered and confused about ANYTHING else, and all you want to do is LISTEN AGAIN. So you do..

Then.. it’s so much FUN (surfing My brainwashing tsunami) that you find yourself desiring to listen to it several times a day. When you aren’t listening to it, it keeps flooding your mind, and everything else you’re doing doesn’t seem near as much fun, as the thought of dropping EVERYTHING to go lie down with headphones on, and listen to it AGAIN. But don’t take MY word for it, try it yourself.

This hypno mp3 contains: robot, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypno mp3, mind control, subliminal messages, subliminal programming, money domme, financial domination

Price: $150.00

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CHANEL BLONDE – Glamour and Vanity Fetish Film Clip

Diamond Diva Princess is the CHANEL Blonde, dripping in jewels and applying CHANEL No. 5!

Description: Inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s iconic CHANEL N°5 photo shoot, I am Hollywood Starlet GLAM and totally Platinum Chanel Blonde GORGEOUS in this stunning video clip. Dripping in jewels, in a Silverscreen Hollywood styled ensemble, watch as I primp in My boudoir applying My favourite scent CHANEL No. 5. YOU of course pick up the tab on every drop of it, over 300 dollars an ounce! $$$$

Chanel Blonde

A Recent Review:

“OMG OMG Your Chanel no5 video is soo wickedly lhypnotic!! Robot completely lost count & lost track of time just let go & LOOPED ENDLESSLY!”

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, CHANEL, Chanel Blonde and Chanel No. 5. FD Hypno, femdom hypno and hypnodomme. financial domination, glamour and glamour fetish. hypnosis, hypnotic and money dome. Platinum blonde, vanity and vanity fetish.

Price: $150.00

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Hypnodomme - COMATOSE Mind Control


COMATOSE. Everything you have been taught thus far in your life has all been a LIE. I am here to deprogram you from the lies of the patriarchal society. This de-programization mp3 will make your mind like a blank slate for My further brainwashing experiments.

Click play for a teensy audio teaser!

Read what slaves are saying about COMATOSE:

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme ”Helpless and Caught.. Princess’s voice will slowly drip into your brain, making you sleepier with each drop until you are open and helpless. Her multi-layered whispers will echo in your head, pulling you deeper into her trap with each repetition.

You will be left sleepy and entangled in her pretty web.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “Comatose makes me realize Princess is the one and only truth. Her soft, sweet voice drives me to obsession. I am completely worthless and very lucky to serve her.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money DommeCOMATOSE will leave you weary, open, and too SLEEPY to resist the irresistible DE-PROGRAMMING Princess will subject you to. She will slowly empty your brain of your free will and pour in her instructions to take its place. Be careful what you wish for before listening. It will start as a thrill and end up becoming an intoxicating obsession.”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “i think it doesn’t matter which one of HER seemingly endless works one listen, they are absolutely effective! For  someone unaware they are “dangerous”, for me they are all pure heaven!  In “Comatose” for example SHE tells you what is wrong with our society and what they have taught you. After listening  to it you know that SHE is absolutely right with everything SHE tells you! For me it was the next step to total  submission to HER will and i really love every second of  it! Absolutely great!!!”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “I’ve been totally enchanted by Diamond Diva Princess through this recording, and instantly enlightened. I already can see She will be able to help me become what I need to be. Her harmonious voice and infectious personality mean She’ll certainly captivate anyone who is in Her tutelage. She’s already shown me the way, thank You Princess”

Royal Mood of THE Capitalistic Blonde Money Domme “A gorgeous blend of melody and soft, disarming vocals, the beautiful tones of her voice.  PRINCE$$’s words work both to confuse and clarify the true meaning of your life.  Your mind having no foundation to any longer cling to, slips into the abyss of alluring, smothering words falling deeper and deeper into emptiness.  However, not for long.  As the void that is created is quickly flooded with her words, her mantra.  She is the one truth in the lie that has been your life until now.”

you can’t resist MY voice.. you NEED My words. I am here to DEPROGRAM YOU.. AWAKEN!

This hypno mp3 contains: deprogramization, de-programization, comatose, deprogramming, reprogramming, fd hypno, femdom hypno, hypno mp3, hypnosis, hypnodomme, hypnotic, mind control, MK Ultra, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, financial domination, money domme

Price: $150.00

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Invading YOUR Mind 1

you no longer want to think for yourself, you want the freedom that comes with giving up all control to ME! I am now in control of YOUR MIND.

This hypno mp3 contains: FD hypno, femdom hypno, financial domination, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypno mp3, post-hypnotic triggers, mind invasion, mind control, mind invasion series, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, money domme

Price: $150.00

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I come by My love of beautiful things by My very nature. When I was born, I was named after TIFFANY & CO.  Quite obviously, it holds a special place in My heart!

In this TRIGGER VIDEO see ME at Tiffany & Co! On this day, I slept until My eyes opened, lounging leisurely watching PERFUME videos and then decided to spend My afternoon and evening indulging in PURE ELEGANCE! I took a trip to Tiffany & Co AND also immersed Myself in an olfactory indulgence of delight!

OMG you LOVE to buy Me TIFFANY DIAMONDS! Watch this VIDEO NOW for ONE HOUR! This VIDEO will install My POST-HYPNOTIC AUDIO & VISUAL TRIGGER in your bbrainn!

This tribute VIDEO trigger contains: Tiffanys, Tiffany’s, Tiffany & Co, TIFFANY DIAMONDS, namesake, tribute, diamonds, luxury, luxury fetish, blonde fetish, FINDOM, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnodomme, post-hypnotic trigger, trigger video, hypno, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis, brainwash, glamour, glamour fetish, platinum blonde

Price: $150.00

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OMG Listen to My Femdom Hypno WEALTH ASSETS and; RICHES HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 while you gaze upon the My trigger images!! OMG you LOVE to LAVISH ME in WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES!!

This is one of My super addictive and oh so dangerous hypno TRIGGER mp3’s designed to install My Post-Hypnotic trigger in your head. Financial Domination Hypno Deluxe.. My Golden Voice lures you into a state of somnambulist obedience to My monetary gain, listen now.

This HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, WEALTH, ASSETS, RICHES, WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES, hypno trigger, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno

Price: $150.00

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