‘BLOOMING BLONDE BEAUTY’ Elegant Blonde Fetish VIDEO Montage + bonus PHOTOS


“You’re the only girl I’ve seen for a very long time that actually did look like something blooming” – F. Scott Fitzgerald ~

OMG oogle these GORGEOUS photos of Me in My ORANGE RED designer dress, Giuseppe Zanotti GOLDEN Stiletto Heels, My LUMINESCENT BLONDE TRESSES in an ELEGANT UPDO, blooming blossoms in My PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR!! OMG I am to-die-for! you LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME. FEEL THE RUSH, click *BUY NOW*! OMG My BLOOMING BLONDE BEAUTY GIVES YOU LIFE!

Included in this VIDEO is a very strong HYPNOTIC INDOCTRINATION subliminal message which will PROGRAM you with a particular response mechanism which I have designed for you. Install My subliminal message in your mind NOW by watching this seemingly innocuous and VERY PRETTY VIDEO for no less than ONE HOUR.

As a bonus, this special media package also contains a selection of photos which accompany this video montage.

This EXCLUSIVE media package of ‘Blooming Blonde Beauty’ is ONLY available on MoneyDomineiress.com and cannot be bought ANYWHERE else.

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A surrealist AVANT-GARDE PLATINUM BLONDE Secret Society SUBLIMINAL BRAINWASH!! TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS and put your STEREO headphones ON. Get ready for ME to take over your bbrainn. Maximize My CULTE DE BLONDE VIDEO to FULL SCREEN and watch it in all its PLATINUM GLORY with NO distractions.

My gorgeous VISAGE, Platinum BLONDE Tresses, LONG NAILS, and alluring CHARISMA & CHARM capture and disarm you. you will become DISCIPLE to MY BLONDE-ISM, DRONE to MY CULTE DE BLONDE!



This mind control art hypno VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, brainwash, cinematic, surrealist, surrealism, financial domination, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnodomme, post-hypnotic triggers, secret society, subliminal messages, rinser, rinsing, mind control art, mind control art series, platinum blonde, Salvador Dali, surrealism, surrealist, money domme

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Never available to the general public before.. one of My first BLONDE FETISH VIDEOS: *GOLDEN HAIR SCHOOLGIRL* RARE VIDEO!

Wearing a short red plaid schoolgirl skirt, black patent leather ankle strap platforms, white thigh high stockings, and a white tie-up blouse with bare midriff.. watch as I adjust My garters, smoke a cigar, and read “The Mistress Manual” OMG I am so coy and sweet looking, but OMG am I TROUBLE for you!

Get it NOW, while you can! I may remove it without notice at any moment and then you’ll never have the chance to buy it again!

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, blonde bombshell, Golden Hair, Golden Hair Schoolgirl, Mistress, financial domination, money domme, blonde worship, Goddess Worship, schoolgirl skirt, high heels, high heel fetish, smoking, temptress

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An EXCLUSIVE OMG BETTY BOOP ADORBS VIDEO of ME WALKING (view from behind ME) as I’m out spending YOUR money!

you won’t be able to STOP STARING, addicted to the GORGEOUS VISTA of ME walking in My 5 INCH STILETTO high heels and SHORT dress, OMG. My LEGS & CURVY PERFECTLY PETITE HOURGLASS FIGURE are IMPOSSIBLE to take your eyes away from. you can DEFINITELY see in this video why people say I remind them of Betty Boop, I am SO ADORABLE & PRECIOUS OMG.

My friend once said: “You are the only woman I’ve ever seen who walks like a woman.” ~ YOU CAN’T STOP STARING.

This Hypnotic Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, blonde, money domme, rinser, rinsing, financial domination, FINDOM, high heels, high heel fetish, stilettos, walking in high heels, walking in stilettos, glamour, glamour fetish, hypnotic, can’t stop staring, you can’t stop staring, legs, leg fetish, curvy, hourglass figure

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An Affair to Remember (VIDEO & MP3) – Media Package


OMG SO GORGEOUS. you LOVE ME LOVE ME LOVE ME. After you listen to My hypnotically snobby mp3, watch Me mesmerize you with My GORGEOUSLY HYPNOTIC movements in My EXQUISITE VIDEO at My PRIVATE SHOPPING EVENT!!

This VIDEO & MP3 Media Package contains: An Affair to Remember, blonde, blonde fetish, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, video, mp3, media package, Tribute Event, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, Marilyn Monroe, Platinum Blonde, shopping fetish, shopping slave, shopping slaves, glamour, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, Hollywood Blonde, luxury, luxury fetish


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BLONDES prefer DIAMONDS, DARLING!! Tribute for MORE Glittering JEWELS for My overflowing JEWEL COFFRET


Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds photoshoot, photographed by Bert Stern

Marilyn Monroe, ‘Diamonds’, photographed by Bert Stern

Click *BUY NOW* OVER & OVER. I can NEVER have too many GLITTERING JEWELS!! xx I just LOVE finding new places to wear DIAMONDS! I am THE Blonde Bombshell of the 21st century.. PLATINUM BLONDES prefer DIAMONDS, DARLING!!

This TRIBUTE option contains: diamonds, blonde fetish, glamour fetish, glamour, blonde, blonde bombshell, FINDOM, money domme, rinser, rinsing, financial domination, tribute, shopping, shopping fetish, jewelry fetish, riches, wealth, spoil

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Channeling Marilyn in the PALM ROOM – Platinum Blonde CHANTEUSE


On My Marilyn Rendezvous indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury! OMG My petite & curvy figure, Platinum Blonde tresses, and creamy white skin make you DROP to your KNEES begging Me to USE YOU as MY WALLET!!

I am the PLATINUM BLONDE CHANTEUSE channeling Marilyn Monroe by the Kurzweil Baby Grand in the lounge of the PALM ROOM, frequented by Marilyn, Mae West, Carole Lombard, and Jean Harlow.

My stunningly sexy TURQUISE above-the-knee MERMAID DRESS and sparkly black designer stiletto heels perfectly showcase My GORGEOUS GAMS which go on FOREVER and HYPNOTIZE you EFFORTLESSLY.


These Blonde Fetish PHOTOS contain: blonde bombshell, blonde, glamour, glamour fetish, Marilyn Rendezvous, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe Suite, Hotel Marilyn, Channeling Marilyn in the Palm Room, Platinum Blonde Chanteuse, blonde beauty, Platinum Blonde, hypnotic, blonde fetish, Old Hollywood Glamour, Golden Age Hollywood style, Hollywood Blonde, Hollywood Glamour, FINDOM, financial domination


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Here I am on My Marilyn Monroe Rendezvous sending a GLAMOUROUS VIDEO MESSAGE straight to you, in which I snobbily revel over My OPULENCE and My LUXURY RENDEZVOUS~ ALL at YOUR expense, and DICTATE My DIVINE HOLLYWOOD GODDESS DEMANDS which you simply CAN’T resist! As I am speaking DIRECTLY to you, you are hypnotized, star-struck, and intimidated by My ARROGANT BLONDE BEAUTY!

I am wearing a ROSE GOLD SEQUINED DRESS, My Platinum Blonde Hair in an Elegant French Twist, I am dripping with jewels by Marilyn Monroe Jewelry, SO classy & BLONDE BOMBSHELL Stunning!! Click BUY NOW and LISTEN to MY DECADENT BLONDE BOMBSHELL MESSAGE to you on My Marilyn Rendezvous!

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde bombshell, blonde, glamour, glamour fetish, Marilyn Rendezvous, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe Suite, Hotel Marilyn, DIVINE HOLLYWOOD GODDESS DEMANDS, blonde beauty, Platinum Blonde, hypnotic, blonde fetish, Old Hollywood Glamour, Golden Age Hollywood style, Hollywood Blonde, Hollywood Glamour, FINDOM, financial domination

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GLAMOUR GIRL ~ Platinum Blonde PINUP – Vanity Fetish PINUP Audio/Visual DUO


A Pinup Mind Control GLAMOUR GIRL Audio/Visual DUO (Primping in the mirror & blowing a kiss!)

OMG you will simply ADORE these absolutely STUNNING photos of Me primping and looking pretty as a picture as I gaze into My precious PINK Royal Mirror, My Platinum Blonde Hair in ringlets, My porcelain skin and ruby red lips melting your bbrainnn. you sit mesmerized listening to a Luxuriously GORGEOUS & extremely POTENT extra-CONCENTRATED dose of My EXQUISITE voice.

My GLAMOUR GIRL PINUP MIND CONTROL mp3 effortlessly controls your feeble manbrain, while you stare at My Glamour Girl PINUP Photos totally hypnotized, drooling like a fool, as I blow a kiss into the mirror, My bare shoulders SO lovely, My pretty jeweled heart earrings dangling from My ears and scarlet polish on My sassy nails!! I am PLATINUM BLONDE PERFECTION, totally radiating 1950s BLONDE BOMBSHELL Hollywood MOVIE STAR appeal ala Marilyn Monroe & Jayne Mansfield!! OMG its a PINUP bbrainn EXPLOIT, far too powerful to resist.


Experience the photos which caused My DRUNKY MONKEY to exclaim: “OMG you ARE Marilyn FN Monroe!!” as he RAPTUROUSLY spent approximately 15 GRAND on ME within mere hours.

This vanity fetish pinup audio/visual duo contains: blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, glamour girl, mind control, money domme, pinup, pin-up, pinup girl, pin-up girl, pinup model, pin-up model, platinum blonde, platinum blonde pinup, vanity fetish

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HOT PINK & PEARLS (Money Domme OOTD) ~ Financial Domination Captioned PHOTOS



Destined to become LEGENDARY, these DANGEROUS Financial Domination HYPNO captioned PHOTOS of ME will CONTROL your mind and make you OBSESSIVELY need to keep READING My PERSONAL MESSAGES as you GAZE upon My PETITE PLATINUM BLONDE PERFECTION clicking *BUY NOW* for ME over & over!

Description: Here I am OUT & ABOUT spending what was once YOUR money, wearing THE most adorable short flirty HOT PINK Dress and PEARLS GALORE!! My Platinum Blonde Tresses are SO luminescent and HOLLYWOOD BLONDE DIVINE!

In some photos I am wearing THE most precious LOLITA-STYLE HEART SHAPED BETSEY JOHNSON SUNGLASSES, which I just ADORE. I am wearing My absolute favourite gorgeously FEATHERED designer STILETTO heels, carrying the prettiest silver vintage handbag, with a PINUP HOT PINK FLOWER in My PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR.

I am standing in front of the pretty shop where I am about to go BLOW all the hard-earned CA$H you WORK all WEEK FOR!! $$ OMG you cannot resist ME, THE Celebrity Money Domme in My PRECIOUSLY CUTE OUTFIT of the DAY!!

Click ADD TO CART & BUY NOW; OOGLE a glimpse of MY Platinum Blonde Life as I FINDOM HYPNOTIZE & CONDITION YOU with My snobby Financial Domination CAPTIONS & SUBLIMINALS, WALLET!! Written DIRECTLY TO YOU, OMG you KNOW what I say is SO TRUE! $$$

These HYPNO FINDOM captioned PHOTOS contain: financial domination, FINDOM, money domme, blonde, blonde fetish, rinser, rinsing, pearls, brainwash, brainwashing, captioned photos, captions, covert mind control, glamour, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, hypno, hypnodomme, subliminal programming, post-hypnotic triggers, mind control, luxury fetish, shopping fetish, shopping, shoe fetish, leg fetish

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JUST RELEASED!! PINK BOMBSHELL – Platinum Blonde Royalty & Hollywood Legacy!


Here I am luxuriating in the elegance of Marilyn Monroe’s suite, on My Marilyn Rendezvous wearing BOMBSHELL PINK lingerie! Listen as I tell you all about the luxury of My satin & lace ensemble and the history of HOLLYWOOD Starlet Lingerie!

Descended from the line of Platinum Blonde Royalty, My lingerie indulgence is just one of the many facets of My Platinum Blonde Legacy! And YOU pay for ALL of My GLAMOUROUS INDULGENCES! $$$

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, blonde, blonde bombshell, Hollywood Blonde, Fredericks of Hollywood, lingerie, Platinum Blonde, Platinum Blonde Life, Platinum Blonde Legacy, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Rendezvous, FINDOM, money domme, rinser, rinsing, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish

Price: $125.00

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Money Domme OOTD: NEON PINK FISHNET DRESS & bejeweled Zanotti Heels! (OMG SO HOT!) PHOTOS!


Here I am out and about spending what was once YOUR money!! I am SO sensually alluring & GIRL GLAM in My Money Domme Outfit of the Day, wearing one of My latest fashion acquisitions, a HOT PINK FISHNET Wiggle Dress in 1950s style, bejeweled Giuseppe Zanotti heels on My pretty feet (OMG these heels cost OVER a GRAND alone!!) Betsey Johnson KISS LIPS clutch handbag & Betsey Johnson sparkly pink earrings! My PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR is in an elegantly feminine dutch lace braid in front & French twist in back; I am scented with vintage Tabu Parfum!

OMG you can’t resist. My Unparalleled GLAMOUR and Ultra Femininity make you SO WEAK to BINGE SPENDY SPEND on ME!! $$$ There are even photos of Me walking away and you KNOW you CAN’T stop staring, My perfect derriere SLAYS you! Click *BUY NOW* to WORSHIP My BLONDE DIVINITY NOW at My ALTAR, on your KNEES, your wallet OUT and READY to SPEND MORE on ME!! $$$

These Blonde Fetish PHOTOS contain: blonde, blonde fetish, blonde bombshell, financial domination, glamour, hollywood, hollywood blonde, hypo, hypnodomme, luxury, mind control, money domme, Platinum Blonde, Neon Pink Fishnet, Zanotti, Giuseppe Zanotti, photos

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OMG I’m a LIVING DOLL! Here I am dressed as 1950s Debut Barbie! PHOTOS


Here I am dressed as 1950’s Debut BARBIE! I am wearing a black & white striped skater dress, with fitted top and mini skirt, Barbie’s very own 1950s springolator black heels, Barbie’s very own round gold hoop 1950s earrings, HOT PINK sunnies, a precious pink Betsey Johnson handbag, My pretty blonde hair in a Barbie ponytail!

I even duplicated 1950s debut Barbie’s makeup; her baby blue eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and cherry red lipstick! OMG My DOLL-LIKE ADORABLE PETITE PERFECTION, perfect porcelain skin and rosey pink cheeks make you SO WEAK SO WEAK SO WEAK for ME!!

These Blonde Fetish PHOTOS contain: 1950s, Barbie, Barbie Girl, blonde, Blonde Fetish, blondeism, Dressed as 1950s Debut Barbie, financial domination, findom, glamour, glamour fetish, Goddess Worship, hollywood blonde, living doll, luxury, Marilyn Monroe, money domme, OMG I’m a LIVING DOLL, photos, platinum blonde, The Fifties

Price: $100.00

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The Blonde Angel – Hypnotic Blonde Fetish Film


Experience the RUSH of ’The Blonde Angel’ flashing in your eyes, the white hot POWER of MY PLATINUM BLONDE SUPREMACY, My DIAMOND LIGHT brilliantly bewitching you in this Gorgeously Hypnotic ENCHANTMENT Video ~

Watch Me hypnotize you in My gorgeous pastel pink lace dress, I have SUCH poise & grace. Early ballet lessons created a superb foundation for My superior elegance and poise. People often make mention of how I move like a dancer.

The Blonde Angel features absolutely STUNNING video footage of Me lounging at one of My favourite spots, a fabulous place where Al Capone once had a speakeasy. It was a hideaway for such Hollywood celebrities as Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, and other celebrities including Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, AND Marilyn Monroe, My favourite!

Become enthralled by MY ELEGANT GLAMOUR, take a trip through MY GLITTERING World, hypnotized, mesmerized, and ENCHANTED by My BEGUILING CHARISMA. INDULGE NOW.

This Blonde fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, glamour, hollywood, hollywood blonde, hypo, hypnodomme, luxury, Marilyn Monroe, mind control, money domme, Platinum Blonde, The Blonde Angel

Price: $125.00

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Per multiple requests! This VIDEO CLIP features ME talking about and showing off MY RARE Vintage LEOPARD SKIN Hat – REAL Leopard Skin Fur! OMG I am SO adorable in this film clip.. a platinum blonde doll in EXOTIC luxury furs!!

Exclusivity is one of many reasons why one of My favourite furs is LEOPARD SKIN, because leopards are also illegal to hunt and kill anymore, and you can only buy vintage leopard fur, which is extremely hard to find as you can well imagine, since it is not currently marketed, most people that have it, hold onto it. I LOVE furs that are difficult to acquire and not common. I HATE anything common, that just ANYONE can get ahold of. BLEH! THE Princess deserves THE UNATTAINABLE by the mass populace.

So when I stumbled upon this vintage LEOPARD SKIN PILLBOX HAT, never worn, at an estate sale, you can imagine I just HAD to have it. I love the chic JACKIE O style, and it reminds Me of the song written about Warhol SUPERSTAR Edie Sedgwick:


There’s really nothing else on earth like the feeling of it. Imagine petting a very big CAT, that is EXACTLY what it feels like!

This fur fetish VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, fur, fur fetish, fur glamour, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, goddess worship, Hollywood blonde, leopard skin hat, luxury, leopard fur, luxury glamour blonde, platinum blonde, snob, snob fetish, venus in furs, venus in furs series, WASP, WASP REICH, money domme, exotic fur, genuine fur, real fur, rinser, rinsing

Price: $150.00

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YOUNG IRONY – Reading F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literary and Fur Fetish Findom Glitterati Video.

You need to see this Fur Fetish Findom video. I recite a poem written by one of My favourite writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Luxuriously dressed in My ULTRA LUXE COACH designer calfskin jacket, you will love the  LUSH COYOTE FUR Collar and Cuffs! OMG. Left utterly speechless, you watch spellbound. I philosophize beautifully attired in a long velvet gown, fur coat and Stiletto Heels! TOTALLY stunning. I am THE sparkling GLITTERATI!

This fur fetish glitterati VIDEO contains: art, Young Irony and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald. blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination and FINDOM. fur, fur fetish, fur fashion and fur glamour.

Price: $150.00

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