Previously available ONLY via private release, these GEMS are currently in LIMITED EXCLUSIVE RELEASE on! They are NOT available anywhere else at this time!

*Tripping the Light Fantastic* HYPNO Video (Sleepwalker Alpha Waves REM stage 1 & 2)

Previously available ONLY via private release, this hypno VIDEO is currently in LIMITED EXCLUSIVE RELEASE on! It is NOT available anywhere else at this time!

This is the VIDEO you have been waiting for in MAGNIFICENT ANTICIPATION. My mirrored golden wings flutter in your mind as My alluring HYPNOTIC movements DANCING SLOWLY & SEDUCTIVELY get under your skin, in your veins, and FLOOD your BBRAINN!! My BARE SHOULDERS, MILKY WHITE SKIN, GLEAMING PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR OMG DANCING in your MIND, TRIPPING THE LIGHT FANTASTIC, MY DIAMOND LIGHT SPARKLING!

In this VIDEO you will enter REM stage 1 & 2 – SLEEPWALKER alpha waves accompanied by extremely vivid sensations of hypnagogic hallucinations~ this sets the groundwork in your mind for My next HYPNO mp3 which will be titled ‘SLEEPWALKER’! In SLEEPWALKER you will enter REM final stage 3 & 4, prepared with THIS VIDEO through stage 1&2.


This HYPNO VIDEO contains: sleepwalker alpha waves, REM stage 1 & 2, Tripping the Light Fantastic, hypno, hypnosis, hypnodomme, hypnagogic, sleepy hypno, sleepwalker, money domme, blonde fetish, blonde worship, Goddess Worship, financial domination, fandom, mind control, subliminals, subliminal messages

Price: $150.00

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