After attending an RSVP by invitation only, Red Carpet Annual Fashion Event, with a few other select privileged VIP guests, The Ritz Carlton personally presented Me with THE most exclusive invitation for an indulgent rendezvous to their concierge level, including a top shelf suite and full access to the exclusive PRIVATE CLUB at the Ritz Carlton.. ALL on the comp, of COURSE. The Ritz Carlton simply ADORES Me.

I primped in the marble bath, where I have several GORGEOUS photos of Me reflected MYRIAD times in the mirrors of the vanity hall, wearing My new RED MARILYN DRESS, designed after the dress which Marilyn Monroe wore on the cover of LIFE Magazine. I wore My RED MARILYN DRESS for Dinner at Eight. OMG I am SO BEYOND gorgeous. The marbled mirrored bathroom of My top of the line suite at The Ritz Carlton reflects My image myriad times. OH SO MANY OF ME in the glossy MIRRORS.. it's HYPNOTICLY ALLURING.

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Price: $150.00

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