OMG!! I am SO haughty and GORGEOUS and GLAM in this FLUFFY DECADENT BLUE FOX FUR, My designer zebra dress in silver & black, and My 5 INCH stiletto platform heels.. OMG My snobby haughty FINDOM HYPNO demands are TOO POWERFUL and IRRESISTABLY DOMINANT to resist.

I KNOW the POWER I have over you...... click BUY NOW and brainwash your mind by staring at MY GLAMOUR BLONDE PHOTOS! READING and re-reading MY HYPNOTIC CAPTIONED MESSAGES to you! OMG your EMPTY PLASTIC HEAD LOVES IT~

This Hypnotic Captioned PHOTO Set contains: blonde fetish, fur fetish, FINDOM, financial domination, money domme, classy, fox fur, blue fox fur, high heel fetish, high heels, stilettos, platform heels, snobby, snob fetish, luxury, luxury fetish, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, Platinum Blonde, Hollywood Blonde, Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous, rinser, rinsing, captions, captioned photos, findom hypno, hypnodomme, hypnosis, mind control, subliminal messages

Price: $100.00

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