On My Marilyn Rendezvous indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury! OMG here I am at the hotel where JFK stayed and where Marilyn and Jack allegedly had secret rendezvous while Marilyn was staying just up the street at the "Hotel Marilyn"!

Listen as I sing one of My favourite Marilyn Monroe songs in a segment of this video, OMG My singing is SO precious & adorbs! My voice is the prettiest natural soprano!

I am so BEYOND! My beauty makes you WEAK in the KNEES OMG. My ultra feminine fishnet dress, gossamer scarf, and feathered stilettos invade your bbrainn!

I AM the BLONDE BOMBSHELL of the 21st Century, bow down to the POWER of My PLATINUM BLONDE LEGACY!!

Included with this video is a bonus PHOTO COLLAGE of Me at the Kennedy Hotel.

This Blonde Fetish PHOTO collage contains: blonde fetish, financial domination, FINDOM, Money Domme, rinser, rinsing, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Rendezvous, At the Kennedy Hotel, JFK, glamour, glamour fetish, Platinum Blonde, Hollywood Blonde, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, stilettos

Price: $150.00

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