On My Marilyn Rendezvous indulging in opulent pleasures in the palm of luxury! - I am SO BEYOND Hollywood Starlet STUNNING dressed in HARLOW WHITE lounging on MARILYN'S red sofa!! Yes, that's right, reclining glamourously on the very sofa which Marilyn Monroe herself lounged upon! I am wearing My WHITE MINK POM-POM high heel slippers (REAL FUR), and OMG My silky white satin lingerie makes you SO WEAK in the KNEES as you OBSESS over KNEELING on the LEOPARD SKIN RUG below Me, begging ME to take your wallet! This GORGEOUS VIDEO is loaded with SUBLIMINALS and ASMR triggers which further addict you to the RUSH of being SLAVE to MY GLAMOUR, thrall to My BLONDE PERFECTION!

Listen as I hypnotically indoctrinate you in another alluring aspect of My Platinum Blonde Legacy~ I am the BLONDE BOMBSHELL of the 21st Century, and you ARE My star-struck devotee!

This Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: Lingerie Fetish, Glamour Fetish, Hypnotic Blonde Fetish, Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Rendezvous, Glamour Fetish, Goddess Worship, Jean Harlow, Harlow White, Platinum Blonde Legacy, platinum blonde, money domme, FINDOM, financial domination, hypnodomme, Blonde All Over

Price: $150.00

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