My MIND CONTROL Hypno Film 'COQUETTE' exploits your weakness for My ULTRA FEMININITY and GIRLISH CHARMS.

This GORGEOUS subliminal programming VIDEO features imagery of ME in My PINK SILK GOWN dressed for a night at the BALLET.. My bejeweled shoes, Marilyn Monroe Jewels, My CRYSTAL TIARA crowning My Platinum Blonde Ringlets all combine to make your manbbrainn like MUSH for ME!

My dainty & girly ultra feminine baubles make your bbrainn go into PINK OVERDOSE!! The POWER of a Woman is housed in her FEMININITY.. succumb to My feminine wiles.

I am the COQUETTE.. Hypnotically Feminine, carelessly toying with your affection for ME!

This ultra-femininity hypno VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, brainwash, brainwashing, COQUETTE, covert mind control, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, goddess worship, hypno, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, post-hypnotic triggers, indoctrination, love spell, femininity, luxury, platinum blonde, subliminal messages, subliminal programming

Price: $150.00

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