Previously available ONLY via PRIVATE RELEASE, this is the OFFICIAL PREMIERE of CLOCKWORK, the latest VIDEO in My MIND CONTROL ART FILM Series!!

My latest MIND CONTROL ART Film is a Kubrickian kaleidoscope, the ULTIMATE creative composition of My most potent Moloko MIND CONTROL images which hold your eyes fast as you are sedated by MY visually stunning cinema.

Description: The haunting CLASSICAL COMPOSITION lulls your mind into a LUSH DREAMSCAPE, where My gorgeous voice GUIDES you effortlessly into the realization of your destiny ~ to become part of MY ULTRA-DRONE MECHANISM, a cog in the wheel of MY ROYAL EMPIRE. BUY NOW! WATCH for NO LESS than ONE HOUR!

There’s a reason why My MIND CONTROL ART Series is SO HUGELY FAMOUS, find out WHY! INDULGE in My ‘CLOCKWORK’ Mind Control ART Film and experience the BEAUTY of My DIAMOND LIGHT MIND CONTROL NOW.

This Mind Control ART Film contains: hypnodomme, money domme, rinser, FINDOM, financial domination, blonde fetish, mind control, MK Ultra, clockwork programming, kubrickian, pop art, massurrealism, brainwashing, Classic Conditioning, CLOCKWORK

Price: $200.00

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