OMG this is SO wickedly CUTE & brainwashingly ADORABLE.

Watch My new PRINCESSMAS VIDEO as I melt your bbrainn, dressed in the prettiest PASTEL Christmas ensemble: PINK CHIFFON dress, pink glittery beret, pastel pink fingerless gloves with little jewels and bows at the wrist, and My precious Betsey Johnson LOVE BIRD earrings, My PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR in a French Twist!! I am indulging in a festive & glossy, totally YUMMY CANDY CANE LOLLIPOP.

This is HYPNO MIND CONTROL, with glossy candy & sparkly jewels! OMG delish. you are SO TOTALLY My MIND CONTROLLED PUPPET, SO ADDICTED to My EVERY HYPNOTIC MOVEMENT!! Licky Licky.. Clicky Clicky!! INDULGE NOW.

This Holiday PRINCESSMAS VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, candy cane, lollipop, Christmas, financial domination, rinsing, money domme, Princessmas

Price: $150.00

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