OMG Listen to My WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 while you gaze upon the My trigger images!! OMG you LOVE to LAVISH ME in WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES!!

This is one of My super addictive and oh so dangerous hypno TRIGGER mp3's designed to install My Post-Hypnotic trigger in your head. Financial Domination Hypno Deluxe.. My Golden Voice lures you into a state of somnambulist obedience to My monetary gain, listen now.

This HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, WEALTH, ASSETS, RICHES, WEALTH ASSETS & RICHES, hypno trigger, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno

Price: $150.00

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