Wearing a FULL LENGTH Baby Pink Sequined GOWN lounging in Mae West’s Suite!! Audio/Visual CLIP, a tantalizing tempting glamourously HYPNOTIC VIDEO selection of STUNNING photographs of Me on My Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous.

Here I am staying in Mae West’s Suite in a HOTEL for HOLLYWOOD ROYALTY where SILVER SCREEN CELEBRITIES mingled throughout Hollywood history! Mae West herself stayed in this very suite while promoting one of her most FAMOUS movies!!

In these photos I am wearing a full length baby pink sequined gown with My PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR in a French Twist……. I have THE most stunning LUMINESCENT PLATINUM BLONDE HAIR ever. Simply DIVINE. OMG!!!!!!! I AM the BLONDE BOMBSHELL of the 21st Century!

I will take your BREATH away surrounded in OPULENCE lounging in the palm of LUXURY, in glamourous HOLLYWOOD STARLET sumptuousness OMG I am PURE BLONDE DIVINITY!! Listen to My GOLDEN VOICE as I describe the GLAMOUROUS DETAILS of My Hollywood Starlet Rendezvous while you GAZE *STAR-STRUCK* upon My PLATINUM BLONDE BEAUTY!

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