An absolutely EXQUISITE photo of Me at an EXCLUSIVE RSVP Party and an mp3 where I tell you ALL about it, in My INIMITABLY adorable voice! OMG DIVINE. Click ADD TO CART NOW, WALLET!!

Bow DOWN and gaze upon My Glittering White Glamour Themed Ensemble inspired by the windows of Bergdorf Goodman.. it was such a hit at this Glamourous Spectacular & Upscale Shopping party which I attended!! I was the TALK OF THE EVENT, as the other party-goers were held spellbound by My LUMINESCENT DIVINITY, gazing upon Me admiringly as I mingled glamourously throughout.

Everyone was completely STAR-STRUCK, unable to take their eyes off of Me. I was photographed for CHANEL when I first arrived, and that was only the beginning, as the rest of the evening everyone kept requesting to take My picture.. can you blame them??!

This Audio/Visual DUO contains: CHANEL, CHANEL GLAMOUR PARTY, Blonde Fetish, findom, Hollywood Glamour, Hollywood Blonde, platinum blonde, Old Hollywood style, Golden Age Hollywood style, glamour, glamour fetish, money domme, rinser, shopping, shopping fetish, shopping slaves

Price: $100.00

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