My famous “BRAINWASH STATION & DIAMOND CATHEDRAL” members area is where I will be testing out MY theories of MIND CONTROL on YOU.. I will use you as My LAB RAT!! Beyond the obvious reasons to join, like a selection of media (mp3 AND video) and assignments designed to turn you into My hypnotized DRONE (and what a totally PHENOMENAL deal, because to purchase just one of these files by itself will cost 150 dollars, on average), there are also occasional EXCITING EVENTS in the PRINCESS ROYAL COURT (check the Symposium inside for further details)! This is your VIP pass into MY world of MIND CONTROL. your admittance to this cyber playground of the mind also includes access to all kinds of SUPER COOL PERKS. you will be inundated by My RE-PROGRAMIZATION experiments, Capitalistic Blonde PROPAGANDA, and intense INDOCTRINATION. you WILL BE My TEST SUBJECT. JOIN NOW!

This option provides a monthly subscription to My BRAINWASH STATION & DIAMOND CATHEDRAL with UNLIMITED Access.

This Brainwash Station & Diamond Cathedral Membership contains: blonde fetish, brainwash, membership, covert mind control, financial domination, hypno mp3, hypno video, mp3, photos, videos, glamour fetish, goddess worship, Hollywood blonde, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, indoctrination, money domme, platinum blonde, racial domination, religious domination, rinsing, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, WASP Reich, Royal Lineage, assignment, assignments

Price: $100.00

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