Covert Mind Control Technique: Audio/Visual Clip

Effects: Pulse, custom sound frequencies, layering, audio & visual subliminals.

HYPNO Audio/Visual Clip with SUBLIMINALS. Modeled and designed after intensive research into covert mind control techniques, this clip is programmed to insert post hypnotic triggers into your mind. All you have to do is LOOK & LISTEN. It’s SO easy.


There is no free preview for this clip, distinct pleasures such as this are not available for free. you will have the privilege of seeing Me in My gorgeous vintage op art French designer dress with silk heels & impeccable jewelry once downloaded. With My long legs, glamourous style & platinum blonde ringlets, you can’t take your eyes off of Me.. or stop listening to what you’re being told! you want to watch it OVER.. and OVER..

Read what hypnotized drones are saying about SO SLEEPY:

“This video is so intense and powerful. After watching it I really can’t think. My eyes are fluttering, my mind is numb, I can barely put together two sentences. I’m not sure what Princess put into it, but each time I watch it I feel changed. To see her striking, captivating figure as the sound pulses through your ears, all resistance breaks down. Your mind, body and soul all break down, which she then rebuilds with one simple purpose. The purpose of which is in the video. The more you watch the clear it becomes. But that is only one part. There are many layers and levels to this, and just when you start to think you know what she is doing to you, think again, for she is coming at you from a whole other side. Nothing can prepare you for her power. Watch it and become as hooked as I am. Each time you listen to it, it grabs you tighter and tighter. The visuals are amazing as well. Oh what a gorgeous outfit she’s wearing. What a dramatic style the way she has her hair, her jewelry, and I’m dying over her long pretty legs. I can’t stop thinking about them. I must see the video again… and again and again. Each time justs gets better and better.”

“Lured, seduced, and broken. Princess’s voice will entrance and addict you, and when you are no longer of use, she will leave you lying there, suffering and bled white. She is a femme fatale who would make Marlene Dietrich seem a pale copy.”

*Warning: Do not indulge in this clip if you have a weak heart, or are prone to seizures. It is recommended that you do not operate heavy machinery after viewing. Care is recommended while watching this clip, over-indulgence can result in severe side-effects. you have been warned that this clip is dangerous, so you view at your own risk. This clip is likely to cause feelings of complete and utter helplessness, a sense of irresponsibility whenever around Me, and a shocking sense of total addiction.

This audio/visual HYPNO clip contains: anesthesia, blonde fetish, blonde, brainwashing, chloroform, covert, covert mind control, financial domination, post-hypnotic triggers, metropolis, mind control, platinum blonde, sleepy, so sleepy, you are sleepy, sleepy hypno, subliminal programming, subliminals, money domme

Price: $200.00

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