Description: I love to experiment in film theory and film expression and I am inspired inordinately by German Expressionism Film, Dadaist, and Surrealist Film. The Film clips contained within this genre are works of art created for an intellectual audience OR a doting fool who brainlessly watches, unaware of what amazing artwork of film theory and film expression I have created. Read more about Art House on My GENRE page.

‘BALLET TOES’ – Dancing with Presents! Ballet Feet VIDEO

A special Ballet Toes Foot Fetish video – don’t miss it!

Watch My BALLET TOES DANCING in this ballet toes foot fetish video as I dance in front of Sparkly Presents. My toenails are painted BRILLIANT VIXEN RED!! Kneel before My Ballet Toes, FOOT FETISH, TOE FETISH Exploitation! My bare legs and feet make you weak in this pretty little candid clip.

This gorgeous fandom video is atmospheric, totally LYNCHIAN!! I have THE most darling little ballet feet EVER. My porcelain ivory skin, delicate high arches and dainty heels will empty your wallet. you will simply BEG to kneel before My pretty Princess toes! Get on your KNEES, SLAVE!

This Ballet Toes Foot Fetish VIDEO contains: foot fetish, toe fetish, bare legs, bare feet, leg fetish, financial domination, money domme, petite feet, high arches, ballet toes, hypnodomme, hypnosis, ballet feet.

This VIDEO is EXCLUSIVELY available on – you cannot purchase it anywhere else!

Price: $150.00

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‘How to Rinse a Millionaire’ ~ *Eyeglass Fetish* ~ Blonde Fetish PHOTOS of ME wearing vintage 1950s cat-eye eyeglasses! RARE

Adorable Eyeglass Fetish, Cat-Eye Bejeweled Eyeglasses

Here I am wearing My NEW vintage cat eye ‘new old stock’ never sold never worn bejeweled eyeglass frames! These eyeglasses are very similar to the glasses Marilyn Monroe wears in How To Marry A Millionaire! your eyeglass fetish daydreams are about a Woman like Me wearing eyeglasses like this. Adorable, glamourous and simply irresistible. I am as intelligent as I am beautiful, such a LETHAL combination for your wallet!

OMG I am SO PRECIOUS in My POWDER PINK BALLERINA DRESS and vintage cat-eye eyeglasses. My elegant eyeglasses trigger your eyeglass obsession. you spiral into your OBSESSION for ME rendering you HELPLESS to My fetish exploitation! $$$$

Price: $150.00

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‘SHINY BOOTS’ (Blonde Capitalism PROPAGANDA) Hypnotic Sequence VIDEO


This ICON BRAINWASH LOOP propagandizes you in the religion of THE BLONDE BOMBSHELL.. My GORGEOUS legs and SHINY BLACK LACE-UP BOOTS warp your bbrainn and make your mind like PUTTY for ME. OMG I exploit your weakness for My BOOTED PERFECTION in this TEASING clip SO effortlessly.

This brainwash hypno VIDEO contains: Blonde Capitalism Propaganda, boot fetish, iconic imagery, financial domination, icon brainwash, religious domination, shiny boots, hypnodomme, hypno video, hypnotic, money domme

Price: $100.00

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A surrealist AVANT-GARDE PLATINUM BLONDE Secret Society SUBLIMINAL BRAINWASH!! TURN OFF ALL YOUR LIGHTS and put your STEREO headphones ON. Get ready for ME to take over your bbrainn. Maximize My CULTE DE BLONDE VIDEO to FULL SCREEN and watch it in all its PLATINUM GLORY with NO distractions.

My gorgeous VISAGE, Platinum BLONDE Tresses, LONG NAILS, and alluring CHARISMA & CHARM capture and disarm you. you will become DISCIPLE to MY BLONDE-ISM, DRONE to MY CULTE DE BLONDE!



This mind control art hypno VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, brainwash, cinematic, surrealist, surrealism, financial domination, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnodomme, post-hypnotic triggers, secret society, subliminal messages, rinser, rinsing, mind control art, mind control art series, platinum blonde, Salvador Dali, surrealism, surrealist, money domme

Price: $200.00

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‘DIAMONDVISION’ – Mind Control ART Film (NLP, Subliminal Programming, & Hypnotic Test Patterns)


DIAMONDVISION is part of My series of MIND CONTROL ART which includes: Obsession, SO Sleepy, TAINTED LOVE, INITIATE BIONIC, CLOCKWORK, and Culte de Blonde.

This film clip utilizes TOP SECRET mind control programming techniques of television programming, including hypnotic test patterns, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and subliminal messages. Oh YES, the REVOLUTION *will* be televised ~ in lustrous oh so DREAMY DIAMONDVISION!!

you can’t take your eyes off of ME in luxurious DiamondVision as you are pulled deeply into dizzyingly DIAMOND DAYDREAMS. This film clip is BEYOND hypnotic, I will control your mind effortlessly via My glorious DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.

you will feel woozy & dizzy & oh so fluffy bbrainned as you watch My DIAMONDVISION broadcast signal.. you WANT to KEEP watching OVER & OVER & OVER.. Get it NOW.

you have been warned, this video is EXTREMELY HYPNOTIC & will BRAINWASH you to the nth degree.

This Mind Control ART Film contains: blonde fetish, mind control, mind control art, top secret, mind control programming, mind control techniques, television, programming, hypnotic, test patterns, NLP, neuro-linguistic programming, neuro linguistic programming, subliminal messages, DIAMONDVISION, broadcast signal, hypnodomme, money domme, FINDOM, financial domination, rinser, rinsing, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis, brainwash, brainwashing

Price: $200.00

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‘SO SLEEPY’ Covert Mind Control Technique: Audio/Visual Clip

Covert Mind Control Technique: Audio/Visual Clip

Effects: Pulse, custom sound frequencies, layering, audio & visual subliminals.

HYPNO Audio/Visual Clip with SUBLIMINALS. Modeled and designed after intensive research into covert mind control techniques, this clip is programmed to insert post hypnotic triggers into your mind. All you have to do is LOOK & LISTEN. It’s SO easy.


There is no free preview for this clip, distinct pleasures such as this are not available for free. you will have the privilege of seeing Me in My gorgeous vintage op art French designer dress with silk heels & impeccable jewelry once downloaded. With My long legs, glamourous style & platinum blonde ringlets, you can’t take your eyes off of Me.. or stop listening to what you’re being told! you want to watch it OVER.. and OVER..

Read what hypnotized drones are saying about SO SLEEPY:

“This video is so intense and powerful. After watching it I really can’t think. My eyes are fluttering, my mind is numb, I can barely put together two sentences. I’m not sure what Princess put into it, but each time I watch it I feel changed. To see her striking, captivating figure as the sound pulses through your ears, all resistance breaks down. Your mind, body and soul all break down, which she then rebuilds with one simple purpose. The purpose of which is in the video. The more you watch the clear it becomes. But that is only one part. There are many layers and levels to this, and just when you start to think you know what she is doing to you, think again, for she is coming at you from a whole other side. Nothing can prepare you for her power. Watch it and become as hooked as I am. Each time you listen to it, it grabs you tighter and tighter. The visuals are amazing as well. Oh what a gorgeous outfit she’s wearing. What a dramatic style the way she has her hair, her jewelry, and I’m dying over her long pretty legs. I can’t stop thinking about them. I must see the video again… and again and again. Each time justs gets better and better.”

“Lured, seduced, and broken. Princess’s voice will entrance and addict you, and when you are no longer of use, she will leave you lying there, suffering and bled white. She is a femme fatale who would make Marlene Dietrich seem a pale copy.”

*Warning: Do not indulge in this clip if you have a weak heart, or are prone to seizures. It is recommended that you do not operate heavy machinery after viewing. Care is recommended while watching this clip, over-indulgence can result in severe side-effects. you have been warned that this clip is dangerous, so you view at your own risk. This clip is likely to cause feelings of complete and utter helplessness, a sense of irresponsibility whenever around Me, and a shocking sense of total addiction.

This audio/visual HYPNO clip contains: anesthesia, blonde fetish, blonde, brainwashing, chloroform, covert, covert mind control, financial domination, post-hypnotic triggers, metropolis, mind control, platinum blonde, sleepy, so sleepy, you are sleepy, sleepy hypno, subliminal programming, subliminals, money domme

Price: $200.00

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NO CLUES HERE, this TRIGGER is going to unscrupulously take you COMPLETELY by surprise.


LISTEN NOW at your OWN RISK! OMG you will be weak & pliable, at MY WHIM! $$$

This HYPNO TRIGGER mp3 contains: post-hypnotic trigger, hypnodomme, BEG ME to TAKE it ALL, hypno trigger, findom, financial domination, money domme, rinser, rinsing, hypnosis, wicked hypnotist, femdom hypnosis, femdom hypno, fd hypno

Price: $125.00

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My custom CONFUSION INDUCTION…… embed it in your bubblegum bbrainn NOW. I am brilliant at befuddling your silly little manbbrainn. Omg My girly chatter is SO addictive & alluring, it bounces bubbly all over the place inside your empty echoing reverberating head! Then suddenly.. *POP*!


Feel oh so fluffy fuzzy CONFUSED, MINDLESS, BLANK, & EMPTY for ME!

This HYPNO mp3 contains: confusion induction, bubblegum bbrainn pop, hypno, hypnosis, hypnodomme, trigger, triggers, post hypnotic triggers, post-hypnotic triggers, subliminals, binaurals, binaural beats, superliminals, findom, financial domination, money domme

Price: $125.00

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*EYE, HYPNOTIZE* (Hypno Femme Fatale INDUCTION Video Love Spell)


Click play above to watch a teensy teaser of EYE, HYPNOTIZE~

Like a Pop Art Disney Princess, I look so pretty and innocent and yet I am SO Femme Fatale DANGEROUS for you!!!! EYE HYPNOTIZE you with My EXPRESSIVE Kohl-Lined EYES, CRYSTAL TIARA, shoulder-dusting SPARKLY EARRINGS and DISARMING SMILE. OMG you cannot resist My HYPNOTIC BEAUTY, ENDLESS ALLURE, and FEMININE MYSTERY.

I am an ENIGMA and you are ENCHANTED, ENTRANCED and ENTHRALLED with the charming PARADOX of MY BEAUTY and DANGER~ click BUY NOW, watch NOW on your KNEES. INDULGE in My Hypnotic Femme Fatale LOVE SPELL…. I WILL use it to get what I want out of you.. and you won’t be able to resist

This Hypnotic VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, hypnodomme, mind control, subliminals, femme fatale, hypno, hypnosis

Price: $150.00

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*I AM THE DRUG* Mind Control ART Film



Description: Just created! you’ve been waiting for this ever since *CLOCKWORK*! My latest MIND CONTROL ART Film is inspired by the art of Andy Warhol & Salvador Dali.

Like a SHOT in the VEIN, I am THE Drug, the ULTIMATE SUPERSTAR making you CRAVE MY CONTROL with My stunning blonde beauty, hypnotic visual cues and My subliminal and superliminal words. I know JUST how to make your mind *POP* with MY VOICE and MY IMAGE. I make your body weak, your eyes glassy, your mind *BLANK & EMPTY* fluffy & fuzzy.

I AM the ultimate high, shooting off fireworks in your bbrainn in virtual violet technicolor, you are sedated by the micro movements of My EXQUISITE facial expressions, shot in CLOSE-UP cinema verite.

OMG I AM THE DRUG and YOU ARE MY ADDICT. you can’t get enough.

Click BUY NOW and watch now for ONE HOUR. GET your SHOT in the VEIN.. get your ADDICTION and get it GOOD, BOY!

This Mind Control Art VIDEO contains: mind control, ART, brainwash, brainwashing, I AM THE DRUG, hypnodomme, hypno, subliminal, Warhol, Superstar, Edie Sedgwick, Salvadore Dali, blonde fetish, icon, FINDOM, financial domination, Money Domme, rinser, rinsing, femdom hypno, fd hypno, hypnosis

Price: $150.00

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ART HOUSE FILM | Artsy Girl Smokes a CLOVE


Title: ART HOUSE FILM | Artsy Girl Smokes a CLOVE (NOW ILLEGALIZED IN THE USA!) and scorns the so-called politically correct!

Description: So, I totally don’t smoke cigarettes, I think nicotine in general is EWW. But once in awhile, Me and My friends have often liked to pick up a pack of CLOVES. Cloves are imported, and come in these pretty chic boxes, often black, gold and red. (Check out My fav SAMPOERNA: ) They are artsy and totally DRAMATIC.

If you’re at a cafe, smell a spicy sweet scent, then see an artsy drama type art chick smoking nearby – perhaps with a long cigarette holder, chances are she’s smoking a CLOVE. Now ILLEGALIZED in the USA! They say that since they taste like candy, they might encourage smoking among those that don’t normally smoke.. like they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Hm, sounds kind of familiar, huh?!This is one of the first videos I made to upload on My website, watch Me smoking a now OUTLAWED CLOVE!! LOVE IT. I’m wearing black wings and little sparkly red devil horns.. meoww!! Also newly added HYPNOTIC effects. YEAH! Get it NOW while you can!

This ART HOUSE Film contains: art, arthouse film, artsy girl, clove cigarettes, financial domination, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypno video, hypnotic, punk, smoking, smoking fetish, café, café society

Price: $250.00

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BABYLON DRIFTER – Hypnotic Blonde Fetish Mind Control Video


Description: Too Wild To Love.. Too Beautiful To Resist. I’m ALL you care about.. BRAINWASHING clip. Watch it on repeat, for an HOUR. you just can’t look away.. you NEED My eyes, MY voice.. you can’t stop watching.

This Hypnotic Blonde Fetish VIDEO contains: blonde fetish, brainwash, brainwashing, financial domination, hypno video, hypnotic, hypnodomme, hypnosis, mind control, post-hypnotic triggers, indoctrination, mind control, money domme, platinum blonde, religious domination

Price: $125.00

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Beautiful Fiend ~ Glitterati Glamour, Fur, and Literary Fetish!

Glitterati GLAMOUR & FUR FETISH!! The SPARKLING intelligentsia.

Description: In this clip I recite one of My GORGEOUS lyrical poems, titled BEAUTIFUL FIEND, dressed in My ULTRA LUXE COACH designer calfskin jacket with LUSH COYOTE FUR Collar & Cuffs! OMG. you will be left utterly speechless as you watch spellbound while I philosophize beautifully attired in a long velvet gown, fur coat, and BCBG Stiletto Heels! TOTALLY dramatic.

A very personal glimpse into My extraordinary gift of literary expression.. a delicious opportunity to experience My RARE GENIUS. you would be a fool to pass up the chance to view this CANDID & DRAMATIC WORK OF ART. This is a definite DO NOT MISS!! Get it now WHILE YOU CAN.

This fur fetish glitterati VIDEO contains: art, beautiful fiend, blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, poetry, fur, fur fetish, fur fashion, fur glamour, glitterati, literary, literati, literature, platinum blonde, poetess, poet, venus in furs series

Price: $150.00

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Beauty N°1 | Fitzgerald-esque Montage


Beauty N°1!! BLONDE FETISH. Fitzgerald-esque Video Montage. “she took all the things of life for hers to choose from and apportion, as though she were continually picking out presents for herself from an inexhaustible counter.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This Hypnotic Blonde Fetish Film contains: blonde fetish, brainwashing, covert mind control, financial domination, goddess worship, Hollywood blonde, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnotic, hypnosis, post-hypnotic triggers, mind control, money domme, platinum blonde, subliminal programming, subliminal messages

Price: $125.00

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Hypnocentric Flick Hypnotic Collage Video

A HYPNOTIC COLLAGE VIDEO filled with mesmerizingly GORGEOUS images of Me, including EXCLUSIVE photos of Me wearing a short skirt and LEOPARD platform stilettos, My perfect long legs leaving you WEAK and helpless. OMG My legs are SO FAMOUSLY GORGEOUS.

Platinum ringlets and lacy ankle sox – My dimples and beautiful wide eyes with long thick smokey lashes lulling you into a false sense of security.

My shiny satin leopard pants, and platform leopard stilettos, wearing a leather bra, and white shiny satin blouse WARP your bbrainn.. OMG My porcelain skin is SO flawless and smooth, it makes your mind like MUSH!

I arrogantly wear My BROADTAIL FUR coat (made of little baby black lambs), My creamy NORWEGIAN FOX FUR and curve clinging shiny black latex pants, and MORE!

A Recent Review:

“Princess kindly allowed me to pay $ 250,- for Her Hypnocentric Flick Hypnotic Collage Video. She said it would me weaken me and She was right. Every picture is a gem. Thank You Princess.” – SLAVE DRONE BURT

This hypnotic collage VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, boot fetish, brainwash, brainwashing, financial domination, fishnet, foot fetish, fur, fur fetish, glamour, glamour fetish, heels, hypnocentric, hypnodomme, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, mind control, money domme, photo, photos, pinup model, pinup, platinum blonde, racial domination, shoe fetish

Price: $250.00

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I ♥ CAVIAR.. and YOU pay for it! Yummy CAVIAR Tribute, DARLING!

This is your Caviar Findom Tribute option, moneyslave! I like the FINEST CAVIAR. It is YOUR JOB to keep PLENTY of it on hand for MY INDULGENCE. $$$ Contribute to My fresh CAVIAR flown in overnight to satisfy My refined elegant palate!

I adore only the crème de la crème of the paramount the world has to offer. Only the FINEST will satisfy My refined palate and of course YOU PAY for My finest malossal sturgeon CAVIAR, you pay for it ALL, DARLING! Buy NOW below to pay your caviar findom tribute!

Caviar Findom Tribute


This Findom TRIBUTE option contains: caviar, tribute, financial domination, and luxury fetish. Money Mistress, Money Domme, and Findomme.

Price: $200.00

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INITIATE BIONIC (Dadaist FAUVIST mind control ART)

Hypnotic INITIATE BIONIC Hypnodomme VIDEO Indoctrination

‘INITIATE BIONIC’ – Cinematic Film Clip (Dadaist FAUVIST mind control ART)

Description: My latest creation in My Cinematic MIND CONTROL ART series, this elaborate avant-garde trance film builds upon the film theory of French Surrealist film/art to great and mind-befuddling effect.

My expert use of this extensive cinematic film theory knowledge is both implemented & designed with the direct intention of completely INITIATING an ultimately SURREALIST level of CONTROL over your bbrainn, by ME, The ART and The ARTIST. I create, everyday. The world is my stage, the internet my canvas.

This Film Clip is pure Fauvist MIND CONTROL art, I exhibit NO MERCY toward your WEAKNESS for MY BEAUTY ~ exploiting your HELPLESSNESS with My PLATINUM BLONDE TRESSES, GORGEOUS JEWELS and LOVELY EXPRESSIVE EYES to hypnotize, mesmerize, enchant and ENTHRALL you.

I will DECONSTRUCT your bbrainn and reINVENT it, the transmogrification of your mind into MY ARTISTIC EXPRESSION will be TOTAL.. BIONIC INITIATED!

(Warning: Only a segment of the  description for this film clip will be posted publicly as what this film clip contains is far too BRILLIANT & TOP SECRET for the general public to read. Included within the pay mail is more detailed information about what is contained in this clip. Read it BEFORE watching!)

This mind control art hypno VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, blondeism, brainwash, brainwashing, covert mind control, Dadaism, Dadaist, fauvism, fauvist, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, goddess worship, Hollywood blonde, hypno, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, post-hypnotic triggers, bionic, jean Cocteau, luxury glamour blonde, mind control, money domme, platinum blonde, Salvador dali, subliminal programming, surrealism, surrealist

Price: $200.00

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Interrupting your regularly scheduled programming.. HYPNOTIC VIDEO



Description: Hypnotic Programming Video. Interrupting your REGULARLY scheduled program to do some fine tuning of your manbrain.. don’t worry about what I’m doing to it.. just watch, and listen. I’ll be done tweaking it before you know it.. 5 mins of PURE BRAINWASHING.

This hypno VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, blondeism, brainwash, brainwashing, financial domination, glamour, glamour fetish, Hollywood blonde, hypno, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, post-hypnotic triggers, indoctrination, programming, leg fetish, luxury glamour blonde, mind control, money domme, platinum blonde, subliminal programming, subliminal messages

Price: $125.00

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“Jazz is the music of the body.”Anais Nin 

SUPER cute video footage of Me, featuring some of My favourite JAZZ quotes. With Blonde Ringlets, dimples, and wearing a velvet trimmed double-breasted jacket OF COURSE I’m the Cat’s Meow.. And how!

This financial domination VIDEO contains: art, avant-garde, blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination, Hollywood blonde, hypno, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, Jazz Baby, money domme, platinum blonde

Price: $150.00

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Luxury SNOB Cafe Society Girl Montage Video

This VIDEO EXCLUSIVE is available ONLY on!

A glimpse into MY gorgeous life.. montage of Me at a couple of My favourite cafes. Blonde fetish, Fur fetish, Cafe Society fetish, Luxury SNOB fetish! Luxurious, Artsy. 5 minutes of PURE HEAVEN to drive you MAD.

This photo montage VIDEO contains: blonde, blonde fetish, blonde worship, café society, café girl, luxury snob, montage, financial domination, money domme, fur, glamour, glamour fetish, Hollywood blonde

Price: $150.00

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My BRILLIANT hypnotic mind control film OBSESSION!! It’s Dadaist Experimentation WITH YOUR BRAIN!! Surrealist Hypnotic Visuals.. 5 minutes of DEEP MIND CONTROL.

Hypnotic Mind Control

Be prepared to have a complete OVERHAUL of your mindscape!! you’ll want to put it on loop and watch it OVER & OVER & OVER!! Become completely OBSESSED with MY image.. MY voice.. MY influence over your mind… OBSESSION.

It’s all about being MY psychological experiment & opening yourself to MY control over you!! you KNOW you NEED it.

This MIND CONTROL HYPNO ART VIDEO contains: art, blonde fetish, Dadaist, Dadaism, fauvism, Jean Cocteau, Mind Control Art, Mind Control Art Series, OBSESSION, Platinum Blonde, post-hypnotic triggers, hypno video, hypnodomme, hypnosis, hypnotic, Salvador Dali, subliminal programming, subliminal messages, financial domination, money domme, surreal, surrealist

Price: $200.00

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TAINTED LOVE Cinematic Film Clip


Crafted to control your mind via the medium of sequential FILM images, this is TOTAL CINEMATIC MIND CONTROL. THE RUSH of Me taking your money.. the RUSH of this TAINTED LOVE I give you.

you are SO INDEBTED to ME!The way I TEASE you, TORMENTING your bbrainnn with such intense psychological experimentation.. OMG SUCH EXQUISITE MENTAL ANGUISH I bestow upon you!

This is My most elaborate avant-garde trance film to date! Dali & Cocteau would be proud. And OMG My platinum hair, crimson lips & JEWELS! Breaking new ground with this exquisite creation.. because this IS what I do. I create, everyday. The world is my stage, the internet my canvas.

TOTAL DECONSTRUCTIVISM of the bbrainnn! This Film Clip is pure Fauvist MIND CONTROL art.

This mind control art hypno VIDEO contains: art, blonde, blonde fetish, brainwash, cinematic, Dadaism, Dadaist, fauvism, fauvist, financial domination, hypno video, hypnosis, hypnotic, hypnodomme, post-hypnotic triggers, Jean Cocteau, mind control art, mind control art series, platinum blonde, Salvador Dali, surrealism, surrealist, money domme

Price: $150.00

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My glamourous TIFFANY DIAMONDS Wishlist.

“The French are glad to die for love, they delight in fighting duels, but I prefer a man who LIVES and GIVES EXPENSIVE JEWELS! DIAMONDS are a GIRLS BEST FRIEND!” 

I have decided I want a vast collection of TIFFANY DIAMONDS. I am named after Tiffany’s (my birth name). So it’s ONLY natural that I should want oodles of TIFFANY DIAMONDS. And you will be buying them for ME. My TIFFANY DIAMONDS mesmerize and hypnotize your befuddled manbbrainn!


This TRIBUTE option contains: tribute, financial domination and money domme. findom, findomme and blonde fetish. Tiffany Diamonds, Tiffany & Co., Diamond Diva Princess and Capitalistic Blonde. Tiffany’s, Goddess Worship, and Tiffany Diamonds Wishlist.

Price: $200.00

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YOUNG IRONY – Reading F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literary and Fur Fetish Findom Glitterati Video.

You need to see this Fur Fetish Findom video. I recite a poem written by one of My favourite writers, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Luxuriously dressed in My ULTRA LUXE COACH designer calfskin jacket, you will love the  LUSH COYOTE FUR Collar and Cuffs! OMG. Left utterly speechless, you watch spellbound. I philosophize beautifully attired in a long velvet gown, fur coat and Stiletto Heels! TOTALLY stunning. I am THE sparkling GLITTERATI!

This fur fetish glitterati VIDEO contains: art, Young Irony and the writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald. blonde, blonde fetish, financial domination and FINDOM. fur, fur fetish, fur fashion and fur glamour.

Price: $150.00

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