MoneyDomineiressSpace was established in June 2011. MONEY DOMINEIRESS is a title created FOR and to describe ME, coined by and for Myself. The story of its creation is very personal. you will see My original title on MY official Twitter and on My personal website If you see this name used ANYWHERE other than in My personally owned EMPIRE, it has been directly plagiarized from ME.

The story of the creation of My original title MONEY DOMINEIRESS is very personal and fun. It is a tantalizing glimpse into My life to be allowed the honour of hearing it. An acquaintance of Mine in real life being aware of what I do, was always referring to Me as “Money Domineiress” because they were not familiar with the money domination “scene”, OR bdsm, nor in the know about its overused titles such as “Money Domme”, “Money Mistress”, or “Money Dominatrix”. Yet they knew about ME and what I DO, so to describe ME they used the term MONEY DOMINEIRESS. I LOVED it.

Not interested in mingling with the mass moomoo herd, nor the hoard of blind leading the blind, I do not fit into the pre-conceived boxes of others, I am unique and original.. I AM the Fetish. This title created to describe ME completely DELIGHTED Me. I thought this term was SO cute because it is totally original, personally unique and was used by this personal acquaintance to describe ME, a title created out of thin air, with a made up word ‘DOMINEIRESS’.

At this point it did not even have a spelling as it did not exist before this expression. I decided to incorporate this name which My real life acquaintance called Me and to develop My personal title and My own original titled description for what I do. I pondered how it should be spelled as I worked on its development and decided on DOMINEIRESS; a combination of Dominant and HEIRESS, which also has the pretty ring of DIAMOND HEIRESS.

My payment processor of choice for MONEY DOMINEIRESS PLATINUM GLAMOUR BOUTIQUE uses secure server software (SSL) which encrypts all order information, transmitting it securely. Additionally, these transactions will never display on your bank or credit card records as “hypno” or “financial fetish” activity, so it’s totally discreet and anonymous. All orders are secured with strong 128-bit SSL encryption, to ensure your information is absolutely safe.